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Jewish Women's Book Club

Jewish Women's Book Club


Jewish Women's Book Club

books.jpgAll women are invited to the Jewish Women's Book Club! Explore and discuss some great books that may have been off your radar, and expand your horizons.
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Jewish Women's Book Club Committee

We are currently reading:

“Samarkand – the Underground with Far-Reaching Impact”, by Rabbi Hillel Zaltzman.

The book (originally in Hebrew and recently translated) tells of the Chassidic underground in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, with the far-reaching impact it had on other Jews. It is a non-fiction documentary that gives an uplifting view of Jewish survival and Soviet history from the inside.

The book is available for purchase here.

The Book Club will be meeting on July 6, 2016, to discuss.

Our next meeting :

July 6, 2016 at 8:00 pm in Skokie.

We have read:

by Haim Sabato
A lightly fictionalized biography of the Yom Kippur War, recounting those chaotic first days of war endured by Haim, a tank gunner, along the hills and valleys of the Golan Heights. Interspersed with the action are Haim’s memories of childhood, growing up with Dov in an immigrant neighborhood of Jerusalem. The religious teachings Haim and his fellow soldiers have grown up with are constantly with them as they deal with the devastating disarray of their forces and their fear of failure and capture.
by Sue Fishkoff
Excuse me, are you Jewish?" With these words, the relentlessly cheerful, ideologically driven emissaries of Chabad-Lubavitch approach perfect strangers on street corners throughout the world in their ongoing efforts to persuade their fellow Jews to live religiously observant lives.

In The Rebbe's Army, award-winning journalist Sue Fishkoff gives us the first behind-the-scenes look at this small Brooklyn-based group of Hasidim and the extraordinary lengths to which they take their mission of outreach.
Shais Taub
God of Our Understanding is a frank and penetrating look at the underlying spiritual dynamics of addiction and its treatment through Twelve-Step programs. Rabbi Shais Taub, a world renown expert in Jewish mysticism as well as a mentor to many thousands of Jewish addicts, draws from his unique background to thoroughly address many of the concerns raised by Jewish addicts in recovery.

This book is an eye-opener, and contains a lot of thought-provoking stuff for EVERYONE.
Leibel Zisman
In the annals of Jewish literature, I BELIEVE by Leibel Zisman will find a unique place. For this is a most remarkable story – the story of ud mutzal m’aish, a burning ember which remains standing, smoldering, after a disastrous fire.

Leibel Zisman has written a compelling account of survival, but even more, of renewal! This is a book like no other.
Tzipi Caton
A true story of Illness, Faith, Humor, and Triumph:

For 16-year-old Tzipi Caton, eleventh grade meant tests, friends, homework, and play tryouts. Then, suddenly, it meant cancer.

Eliezer Shemtov
This original and eye-opening new book records the fascinating e-mail correspondences between a rabbi who was answering questions on Judaism on and two different non-Jews who were dating Jews. By addressing their questions about Jewish law and intermarriage, Rabbi Shemtov gives important answers on this topic that everyone can benefit from. A must-have for outreach professionals and anyone who wants to help fellow Jews marry Jews.
Sherri Mandell
Sherri Mandell had good reason to become a beacon of rage and despair after enduring the horrific murder of her eldest son Koby.

She offers a beautiful memoir, written almost like a prose-poem that recounts her transformation from grief into love and compassion. Ultimately she founded the Koby Mandell Foundation, which offers healing retreats for bereaved mothers and widows as well as a camp for children whose parents or siblings have been killed by terrorists. Despite the inspiring journey, this is not a sugar-coated story. Mandell is not afraid to share the specifics of her sorrow.

This is a stellar memoir, speaking to the ever-constant challenge to cultivate love.
Andre Aelion Brooks
A comprehensive biography of Do±a Gracia Nasi, an outstanding Jewish international banker during the Renaissance. A courageous leader, she used her wealth and connections to operate an underground railroad that saved hundreds of her fellow Spanish and Portuguese conversos (Jews who had been forced to convert to Catholicism) from the horrors of the Inquisition.
by Yaffa Gottlieb
The inner workings of Hasidism is shown in this intimate visit with a group of ultra-Orthodox women in Brooklyn.
by Tova Mordechai
How does Tonica Marlow, an evangelical female minister find her way to becoming Tova Mordechai, an Orthodox, practicing Jew?