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Here's a confession. Torah observant Jews have questions. They can have crisis of faith, moments of feeling isolated and abandoned by G d.
Without G-d our world is full of duality and dissonance.
All Jews are well-diggers, even today.
Tanya Bits
It’s not a petty annoyance, but going against the very purpose of why He created the world! Whether it is a “small sin” or a “big sin” is irrelevant; the fact that G‑d doesn’t like it causes a...
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Simply Special
How did I not hear your unspoken words?
First Person
I felt physically enveloped in holiness as I watched each resident enter the room and step into a private place where soul meets Creator . . .
Dear Rachel

Dear reader,

Anne aspired to work in the modeling field. She realized, however, that even if she lost the requisite pounds, she couldn’t grow the necessary inch. Her face, too, while striking and exotic, lacked the symmetry that defined conventional beauty.

Sam was a bright boy who loved exploring. He wished he could consistently bring home excellent grades, but Sam didn’t do well in a...

Jews are spiritual well-diggers.To dig a well you must have faith that there's water to be found. Then you have to invest yourself in the arduous task of removing layers of stone and earth to reveal the potential trapped within.
— Rivers of the Soul
Handy Household Hacks
Coffee Filters

Line flowerpots with coffee filters to prevent the soil falling through the drainage holes.


People love their home—not because it is great or grand, but because it is theirs.

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