Jewish Learning Institute Fall 2009 Course
 The Journey through Life, Death, and Beyond

The confrontation with the harsh reality of mortality, whether through aging, a health crisis, or an encounter with death, makes us wonder whether our life has any meaning.

It is during these existential crises that our tradition reaches out to us with solace and comfort, asserting emphatically that while our bodies may die, our soul is eternal, and this world is but one step in its journey.

Death is not an end, nor is it a mere passageway to the next stage of existence. Our knowledge of death can become a means of inspiring life, and ensuring that our moments here are lived to the fullest.

This course is not a philosophical one, but an experiential one. We invite you to discover the odyssey of your soul. Explore the limits of mortality, and how we can better appreciate the true life of those who are living, as well as those who have passed on.