You Be the Judge: Behind the Steering Wheel of Jewish Law
Earn up to 9 MCLE credits for this course, including ethics credits.

Take a look at classic Talmudic questions with a fresh, modern eye! Discover the legal and ethical balance with each of these questions.

If you are hired to give an inflated property assessment, and then are not paid for the service you performed, can you collect in court? What happens when objects are abandoned for long periods of time or are unavailable due to the ravages of war? Are there circumstances under which people, against their will, can lose the right to their property?How much liability do you assume for loss incurred because of negligence or willful destruction of an object that turns out to be worth more than expected? Is it fair to do business using your neighbor’s cow? May you sublet your apartment for more than you pay in rent? How do we distinguish creative opportunity from crass opportunism?