Early 2011 Course 
Toward a Meaningful Life 
 Life can be a treadmill as we go through the motions day after day, without ever asking why or seeking what really matters to us.
This course, prepared by the author of the best-selling book, Toward a Meaningful Life, is determined to change that. Here are strategies, tips, andsuggestions for not only discovering where your true meaning lies, but in actually making it a part of your daily existence.
Whether you are dealing with family relationships or job satisfaction, this course will help you look beyond a crisis to find the lessons within. Most important of all, these sessions will help you see life as the mysterious, challenging, and satisfying wonder that it really is.
Six Thursdays beginning on February 10th, 2011 - March 17th, 2011
Instructed by Rabbi Yochanan Posner. Audio recording of lessons available.