Vol. 14, Issue 5 (#729) E-mail Edition Lubavitch Chabad of Skokie Shul News – Shabbos Parshas Emor, 5773 (17 Iyar-04/27/2013)

Table of Contents

News and Announcements 
     Curious Tales Of The Talmud Beginning 
     THIS SUNDAY: The Great Jewish Family Festival 
     Helping Hands Needed for Sunday 
     Men’s Breakfast and Learning Scheduled for May 5 
     Introduction to Chassidus – Announcing the Third Course 
     Staff Search 
     Jewish Youth House Update 
     Mazal Tov 
     Thank You 
Kiddush Committee News 
Kiddush Sponsors 
Timely Reminders 
Schedule for the Coming Week 
Shabbat L’Yisraelim 
Useful Information 
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News and Announcements


Curious Tales Of The Talmud – Beginning

This week the current JLI course, Curious Tales of the Talmud, began. The Thursday sessions began today, and the Sunday sessions will begin NEXT Sunday morning, on May 5, at 10:30 am.

This course meets for six sessions, beginning April 25 (if you choose to attend on Thursdays) or May 5 (if you choose Sundays). To register click here .

The Great Jewish Family Festival This Sunday

Lag B’Omer is this Sunday! Join us and the entire Chicagoland Jewish community at Old Orchard Shopping Center, for the Great Jewish Family Festival. This year the event will include a circus, a fun parade with a new twist, and many other exciting innovations. There will be special activity zones for toddlers, kids, teens and adults, with attractions like moon bounce, obstacle course, petting zoo, rock climbing, pony rides, carnival booths, train and firetruck rides, food, live stage performances and much more.

One $15 all-inclusive wristband covers food, attractions, and entertainment from 3:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. Here’s another great part about the admission: When the Great Jewish Family Festival is over, you can turn in your wristband(s) to Hungarian Kosher and get $15 off every purchase of $100 or more. This offer is good through Sunday, May 12. Perfect for shopping for all your Shavuos needs. This means you can get a full rebate on your tickets bought with an advance discount.

For more info and discounted advance wristbands, go to the website here: www.JewishFamilyFest.com. Advance wristband purchase closes after Shabbos.

Heads up: Mincha and Maariv on Sunay will be at the Festival. Mincha is at 7:35 p.m. and Maariv at 8:18 p.m

Helping Hands Needed this Sunday

Junior Gan Israel is sponsoring a booth with a crafts project for kids at the Great Jewish Family Festival. We need some volunteers to help things run smoothly Teens or adults; anyone is welcome to volunteer for any amount of time. If you can help out at all, please contact Mrs. Zeesy Posner at[email protected] or call 847-677-1770 x. 301

Men’s Breakfast and Learning scheduled for May 5

Once again, men are invited for a sumptuos breakfast buffet and a presentation by Rabbi Posner on Halacha in comtemporary life. We thank Hiam Naiditch for being the driving force behind this event, and his committee of Brian Alexander, Yehuda Leib Burgeman, Evan Loiterman, Rob Phillips, Dr. Berel Polisky, and Steve Rosenberg. This will take place next Sunday morning, May 5, after Shacharis (about 9:00 a.m.)

Introduction to Chassidus – Announcing the Third Course

The first two Chassidus courses with Rabbi Moshe Miller at Lubavitch Chabad of Skokie were very enjoyable learning experiences for all of the participants. You are invited to attend the next course in this series.

This course will focus on the overall topic of “Tzimtzum”.

We will trace the origin of the subject to a posuk in Torah; elaborate its meaning, logic and how it is connected with other concepts in Torah and Chassidus; discuss different understandings of the concept by different authorities.

Basic familiarity with Hebrew reading and translating required. This course is ideal for individuals who have some experience with learning Chassidus, whether it is simply attending shiurim at a Shul or a Chabad House, or even yeshiva graduates. Men and women are welcome.

This six week Chassidus course with Rabbi Moshe Miller will begin on May 5, 2013, and will meet on Sundays at 8:00 p.m. at Lubavitch Chabad of Skokie 4059 Dempster Street.

Tuition for this course is $60. Study materials are included, and there will be homework assignments and mini tests so you can monitor your progress and your retention of the material.

For more information please contact Dovid Lapson, [email protected], or Rabbi Moshe,[email protected], or call us.

Register online at www.skokiechabad.org/2084403.

Staff Search

We are looking to hire professional, energetic, skilled, and responsible staff for the kids’ program! If you have any ideas or suggestions, please share them with Yona Posner.

Jewish Youth House Update

It's now been two years since Rabbi Chaim and Rochel Telsner moved to Skokie to establish the Jewish Youth House. In this short period they have made great strides in connecting with teenagers, established Skokie Chabad Hebrew School, and initiating a host of exciting programs and activities.

We invite adults to join us as we celebrate our annual celebration of the Jewish Youth House, on May 5th,  8:00 PM at the Mooz, 4049 Dempster Street. Refreshments will be served. Please RSVP to[email protected].

Jewish Youth Clubs  
The girls’ Jewish Youth Club will be meeting this Wednesday 5:00 - 6:30 pm at the Mooz.  
The boys’ club will not be meeting this week.


There will be a girls Kiddush this Shabbos in the Mooz, after davening.


Make sure to check out our booth at the Great Jewish Family Festival!

Mazal Tov

Mazal tov to Jonathan Perl and Sarah Rubinson on their forthcoming wedding. May they have much joy together in a home permeated with Torah and Mitzvos.

Thank Yous

We thank Dr Tzvi and Glenda Kravitz for their contribution to the Kids’ Room in honor of his father’s yahrzeit.

We thank Moshe Melton for donating Tehillims in honor of his father’s yahrzeit.

Kiddush Committee News

Thank you to the salad committee of Friedman & Scheer for making our Kiddush salads. This week you can look forward to: Green Salad with BBQ Chips, Quinoa Salad, Mushroom Salad, Healthy Salad, and Amazing White Bean Salad.

Kiddush Sponsors

Michael and Esther Perl in honor of their son Jonathan's Ufruf.

Timely Reminders

This Shabbos is Thirty-Two Days for Sefira Ha’Omer

Sunday Lag B’Omer when the mourning restrictions of the Sefira period are lifted. Chabad custom is not to take haircuts on Lag B'Omer, except for an "upsherenish." We do not say Tachnun, and Shabbos afternoon we omit “Tzidkas’cha.” There are customs to eat (colored) eggs and "bukser" (carob) on Lag B'Omer. Additional tzedakah should be given on this day. For information on our Lag B’Omer celebration see above. You can read more here.

Mincha and Maariv on Sunday will be at The Great Jewish Family Festival in Old Orchard.

Minhag Chabad is to continue observing the Sefirah restrictions afterLag B’Omer. Among the restrictions of the Sefiras Ha'Omer period: We do not hold weddings, take haircuts, eat new fruit requiring Shehecheyanu (except Shabbos) and avoid music and buying new clothes.

Schedule for the Coming Week


This Friday

6:00 p.m.  Early Mincha and Kabolas Shabbos 
7:25 p.m. Candlelighting 
7:35 p.m. Mincha and Kabolas Shabbos

Shabbos Day

9:19 a.m.   Latest Morning Krias Shma 
9:00 a.m.   Shacharis 
11:30 a.m.Kiddush sponsored by Michael and Esther Perl in honor of their son Jonathan's Ufruf  
4:00 p.m.   Rabbi Raices’ class in his home, 3534 Arcadia 
4:30 p.m.   Women’s Class with Mrs. Raices, this week in the Kaplan home, 9041 Kedvale 
7:25 p.m. Mincha followed by Pirkei Avos Chapter 4 
followed by Gemara Megilla with Rabbi Raices, or Seudah Shlishis with Nigunim & Divrei Torah 
8:31 p.m.  Maariv and Shabbos ends


8:00 a.m.   Shacharis 
9:00 a.m.   Tanya 
7:35 p.m. Mincha (at Great Jewish Family Festival at Old Orchard)
8:17 p.m. Maariv
 (at Great Jewish Family Festival at Old Orchard)


6:30 a.m.   Shacharis 
7:15 a.m.   Gemora with Rabbi Posner 
7:00 p.m.   Parashat Hashavua L’Dovrei Ivrit with Rabbi Raices 
7:35 p.m. Mincha 
8:18 p.m. Maariv 
8:00 p.m.   Weekly Torah Class with Rabbi Yochanan Posner


6:30 a.m.   Shacharis 
7:15 a.m.   Gemora with Rabbi Posner 
10:00 a.m.Weekly Parsha and discussion with Rabbi B. Epstein 
2:30 p.m.   “What Page are We On in the Prayerbook?” Davening class for women with Mrs. Raices 
7:35 p.m. Mincha 
                  followed by “The Living Torah” 
8:19 p.m. Maariv


6:30 a.m.   Shacharis 
7:15 a.m.   Gemora with Rabbi Posner 
11:00 a.m.Explanation of Tefila, Halachos of Shabbos, Etc. with Rabbi Posner 
5:00 p.m.   Works of Maharal with Rabbi Posner at First Equity Bank, Dempster & Crawford 
5:00 p.m.   Jewish Youth Club - Girls 
7:35 p.m. Mincha 
                  Gemora, Mesechta Pesachim with Rabbi Raices 
8:20 p.m. Maariv


6:30 a.m.   Shacharis 
7:15 a.m.   Gemora with Rabbi Posner 
10:30 a.m.JLI: “Curious Tales of the Talmud” with Rabbi Yochanan Posner 
1:00 p.m.   Tanya Class (Women) – contact Mrs. Raices 
7:35 p.m. Mincha 
8:21 p.m. Maariv 
8:00 p.m.   JLI: “Curious Tales of the Talmud” with Rabbi Yochanan Posner

Next Friday

6:30 a.m.   Shacharis 
7:15 a.m.   Gemora  with Rabbi Posner 
6:05 p.m.  Early Mincha and Kabolas Shabbos 
 p.m. Candlelighting 
7:40 p.m.  Mincha and Kabolas Shabbos

Shabbat L’Yisraelim

Shabbat L'Yisraelim, provided by Rabbi Menachem Slavaticki and the Chabad Israeli Center, will meet this Shabbat at 10:00 a.m. on the lower level for Shacharit. The Tefila is followed by a complete Seudat Shabbat.