daniel fettman 1.JPGDaniel Fettman

Daniel Fettman was deported to Nazi labor camp in 1942. Eventually his siblings and parents were deported to Auschwitz in May 1944. He was randomly and repeatedly moved to different locations, given various tasks and beaten for no reason. In March, 1945 he was sent to Mauthausen. He was liberated in May 1945 by the Americans. He survived, and married Marge in 1946, and came to America in 1949. Daniel built a chain of grocery stores. Together Daniel and Marge raised a wonderful family of children grandchildren and great grandchildren dedicated to observing Torah and doing Hashem’s will. Daniel passed away in 2004 at age 83.




Marge Fettman’s parents were Avraham Areyah and Chaya Rachel Lanxner

The Lanxner’s were originally from Romoli and then they moved to Szaszregen, Romania.

papa lanxner.JPGAvraham Areyah was born in 1887, and was a religious man. When he lived in Romoli he was farmer, and when they moved to Szaszregen, he made deliveries. He owned two horses and a wagon and would sometimes have to travel distances and be away from his family for one or two days.

Mrs Lanxner.JPGChaya Rachel was born in 1891, she also participated in running the business and while Avraham was away, she took orders and organized the deliveries. They had five children. One perished in the holocaust. Marge’s two bother and her sister survived and emigrated to Israel, and have since passed away.

Marge Fettman lives in Lincolnwood.


fettman seniors.JPGDaniel Fettman’s parents were Yaakov and Faige Esther Fettman

Yaakov was born in 1882 in Nyiradony, Hungary. He worked very hard. He owned a general store, which was attached to the front of their home.  He sold groceries, hardware and material to make clothing.  He also owned two small farms where they grew wheat and corn. He generously shared the profits of his farm with the families of the farm workers. He was a Torah scholar and used every free moment to study Torah.

Faige Esther was born in 1894 in Nyirpilis, Hungary. She participated with her husband in running the store or on the farm as needed. She worked as a homemaker and raising her children. She also was devoted to teaching her daughter everything an educated Jewish woman should know.

They had four children. Two perished in the holocaust. Daniel Fettman and his brother Leo were the only survivors of the family