Welcome to Cteen of Skokie!

As a parent of a teenage child, take a look at what CTeen of Skokie is offering to ensure your child remains strongly connected to their Jewish heritage.

These adolescent years are critical in solidifying your child’s Jewish identity. It is during these years that they form views and opinions on life. We encourage you to take advantage of this great program. The teens will get together throughout the year with other Jewish teens to learn, socialize, have fun, meet friends and enjoy great dinners at all CTeen Club meetings!

Here is a CTeen Calendar of Events with further information on all CTeen meetings. We will be in touch with your child to see how he/she can get involved to make CTeen the most amazing club in town!

CTeen is for boys and girls Grades 9 – 12. Each of these teen events will include delicious dinners, Jewish activities and learning geared for your teenage child.

We’re looking forward to an awesome time!

P.S. Click here to contact us about sponsorship options.