Cteen Junior offers regular gatherings for Jewish boys or girls in grades 6-8 or post Bar/Bat Mitzvah, regardless of which school they attend.

Cteen Junior happens about every other Tuesday. Each Cteen Junior event includes fun hands-on and creative activities, along with a short life lesson or idea from the Torah, and the opportunity for Jewish kids from different schools and backgrounds to socialize and be friends, and have a good time! 

Jewish Essentials happens on the other Tuesdays. Jewish Essentials is a discussion group led by Rabbi Yochanan Posner, and the conversation topics are chosen by the kids themselves so it follows their interests and needs. It will deal with practical aspects of Judaism at a more mature and thoughtful level than typical Bar/Bat Mitzvah lessons or Hebrew School, and it will approach the topics from a new angle and fresh perspective. 


For pictures go to www.facebook.com/SkokieCteen