At Junior Gan Israel we are very sensitive to children with allergies. If your child has allergies, please contact Camp Director Mrs. Zeesy Posner at 847-677-1770 # 1, to discuss your child's particular needs.

Lunch, Snacks and Drinks

All campers are provided with morning snacks and drinks, and full catered lunches. Afternoon Enrichment campers receive afternoon snacks. Drinks are provided throughout the day. There is no need for you to send any food with your child. 

If you choose to send food from home, please note: Food must be in a clearly labeled bag or lunch box. Send food that will remain fresh at room temperature. Food must be kosher. Please consult the camp menu, and do not send meat foods on days that dairy is served at camp, and do not send dairy on days that meat foods are served.

(For most children, a sandwich, a drink, and one or two other items are sufficient. )

Accommodating Children with Food Allergies

If your child is gluten or lactose intolerant, special lunch food can be provided, by prior arrangement only. 

Our camp is a nut free zone. Please do not send your child to camp with any foods that contain nuts, including peanut butter.

Click here to download the form to request special lunches. (PDF)