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Best camp with the BEST staff!! We LOVE JGI!!! ❤
Andi Belson

This is a warm, accommodating program with age appropriate activities and caring staff. My child enjoyed the learning, loved the interactive play (performance stories, Oakton water park, inflatable slides with water and more) and the nurturing environment.
Olivia Friedman

My daughter loves JGI! She drags her feet in the morning to get dressed if we are going anywhere. But not camp! She can't get dressed and out the door fast enough. All Jewish children feel welcome and inspired––it's a great demonstration of unity and every camper feels special.
Mandy Hakimi, Chicago, January 2022

Junior Gan Israel is an incredible camp experience for younger children. Such warmth and love and creative activities. The environment is filled with so much positive energy and wonderful Jewish exploration. Highly recommend for an incredible summer.
Elissa Staiman Emanuel, Skokie, January 2022

My son had an amazing summer. Such a warm and loving environment. It was incredible for younger kids, the programs, activities and Morah’s made it an incredible summer.
Debbie Garfinkel, January 2022


JGI has been an incredible experience for my kids! Often, at dinner we go around saying what we’re grateful for and my son would enthusiastically say “I’m grateful for camp!” His little sister echoes the same love for Junior Gan Israel! Thanks to your endless hours and amazing coordination and talent for making it happen!

Mrs. Yehudis Hecht, Evanston, August 4, 2021

JGI has been such an unbelievable experience for our precious daughter. Moving from Baltimore to Skokie has been a big change for our family, but what a blessing it was to have her start Gan Izzy almost as soon as we arrived. She acclimated immediately and has loved every single day, waking up in the morning beaming with a huge smile! She has come home singing chants and saying brachos. She has learned about creation and knows every word to Uncle Moishe songs. She has made friends and has loved each one of her Morahs and counselors. She has thoroughly enjoyed every field trip and water day, sports instruction and challah baking. She comes home elated and exhausted (the perfect combo for an early bedtime🤣), and is ready to do it all again the next day! We will forever be indebted to you and the whole team for creating such a wonderful, educational, fun and loving environment at JGI. Adi will miss each one of you! G‑d willing, we’ll see you next year! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Mrs. Bec Brown, August 4, 2021, Skokie

This was really an amazing summer! Thank you so much for a fantastic, fun, growing experience.

Mrs, Atara Robinson, Chicago, August 4, 2021

Thank you for a fabulous summer. Our son had an amazing time and especially loved the waterplay and all the projects. We appreciate everything you do!.

Mrs. Olivia Friedman, Skokie, August 6, 2021

Thank you for another amazing summer!! Our kids were excited to go to camp each morning and we know it didn't just happen by itself... So thank you for running this great program!!

Mrs. Mushka Gurevitz, Chicago, August 6, 2021

Thank you so much Mrs. Posner, we feel so lucky to have Junior Gan Israel this summer! JGI combines early childhood excellence, professionalism, fun, and emotional awareness all in one. We feel confident that my children will be cared for, safe and happy. We are so grateful!

Mrs. Chava Goodman, July 7, 2021

Thank you for making drop-off so easy. My son is loving camp!

Mrs.Shira Cheplowitz, June 30,2021

I'm really impressed with how organized and professionally you run your camp! It's truly incredible. I finally got to see the behind the scenes. Thank you for all you do for the campers and staff.

New Division Head Mrs. Tzippy Dukes, June 28, 2021

My son is SOOOOOO excited for camp. He keeps telling me we need to leave NOW and does not understand why camp doesn't start earlier. Thank you Morah Zeesy for making an AMAZING camp that my son remembers from two summers ago..

Mrs. Sarah Mirviss, June 28, 2021

Thank you for such an amazing start to camp! I so appreciate all the care that goes into every minute of each day.

Mrs. Elisheva Pressburger, June 29, 2021

The virtual camp morahs are incredible!
Mrs. Chava Rendler, Riverwoods, June 29, 2020

Our son is glued to the screen to do every project.
Rabbi Shua Greenspan, Northbrook, July 3, 2020

Our son sits at the computer a half hour early, waiting for camp to start.
Rabbi Schneur Scheiman, Chicago, July 3. 2020

I continue to be amazed at how interactive JGI Out-of-the-Box is and how you give each kid attention and real space with you and the other kids. Many many thanks!
Mrs. Miri Rothman, Rockford, July 24, 2020

This camp is so organized, it is truly wonderful. My daughter absolutely loves it.

Mrs. Elissa Emanuel, June 2019

School has been tough for my guy. At camp, he's the happiest I've seen him in the last 3 years.

Name withheld upon request, July 2, 2019

She is so excited to go every morning. She begs me every morning - "Take me to camp! Take me to camp!" When a kid begs to go every day, you know it is really good and she is having a great time. And I'm happy because she is happy!

Mrs. Tobi Kost, July 24, 2019

As a counselor for 4 summers, I can attest to the smiles and fun that keep me coming back. Additionally, the professional and caring division heads gave me the experience and knowledge a first job should.

Sarah Mina Rubin, August 9, 2019

This is a very professionally run camp. I really like it. It's fun. You have everything here. You should run a camp for grandmothers like me.

Mrs. Raizel Hershkowitz, January 2019

Speaking as a teacher and as a mother, you will not find a higher quality camp anywhere! That is why I rave about Junior Gan Israel.

Mrs. Elkie Wolf, January 2019

This camp is on the next level. It is amazing. I have had only wonderful experiences all the years we have sent to Junior Gan Israel.

Mrs. Rochel Leah Ben-Zev, January 2019

 Our daughter had such a wonderful time in camp, I'm so happy she had such a great transition into a structured environment. It went so smoothly! I'm so thankful!

Mrs. Shifra Strauss, August 5, 2018 

"Mom, I didn't miss you at all, I was too busy having fun! And at the end of the day, I was like - I don't want camp to be over yet!"

M. Scharf to his mother on June 25, 2018 (first day of camp) 

Tots Club is lots of fun!! Very well thought out program that is fun for tots and fun for moms.

July 3, 2018 - Mrs. Elisheva Norman 


"She cries on Shabbat and on Sunday when there is no camp!"

Dr. Sara Hoberman, Skokie, July 11, 2017

 "I was worried about our daughter adjusting to camp, but she is so happy here. I can't believe that I was going to keep her home."

Mrs. Rena Silverstein, Lincolnwood, July 12, 2017

"We made Aliyah to Israel last summer. We came back for the summer because our daughter wanted to come back to Junior Gan Israel. She is ecstatic to be back! She talked about it all year long!"

Dr. Gila Wallach, Modiin, Israel, July 17, 2017

"Every day when I drop off my grandson, I smile, and I continue to smile all the way home. It is the atmosphere that Zeesy Posner creates in this camp!"

Mrs. Miriam Hecht, Chicago, July 18, 2017

"Camp is very much fun!"

Maya Robinson, camper, age 3, July 20, 2017

I just love this camp so much.

3rd year camper Rikki Kulek, June 26, 2016.

We live in downtown Chicago. I take a train and a bus to bring my daughter here. But it is worth it. For this camp? Anything! .

Dr. Sophie Silverstein, Chicago, July 1, 2016 .

We love Junior Gan Israel. My only complaint is that my oldest daughter can't come because she aged out. .

Mrs. Caryn Schneider, Skokie, July 7, 2016.

The teachers in my son's division are so lovely, so welcoming. They make my son feel like he is the only camper in the room, and they do that for everyone..

Mrs. Kochava Yitzhak, Chicago, July 13, 2016

I am happy being an adult and all, with a home and a family and responsibilities, but being a kid in camp is just so much fun. And school? It's just a countdown to camp."

Mrs. Jen Marzouk, Wilmette, July 22, 2016

Thank you for creating and leading such a safe and wonderful camp! We are so appreciative of our son's Morahs and counselors. What an amazing summer.

Mrs. Rivka Varnai, Chicago, July 28, 2016

Our special-needs daughter Abby's summer at Junior Gan Israel was a turning point in her life. Thank you, Junior Gan Israel! Thank you, Keshet!" .

Debbie and David Marmor, October 30, 2016 .

"I want to go to Junior Gan Israel forever! I don't want to go to school. .

Ms. Chavi Schuler, quoting her camper son, August 4, 2016 .

I don't like to use the word 'perfect,' but this camp is almost perfect .

Mrs. Yocheved Karbal, grandmother of a counselor and a camper, August 4, 2016 .

I just wanted to let you know how much our sons enjoyed their time in camp this summer and how much my wife and I appreciate the care and attention that you and your staff showed our boys. There wasn't one evening when they didn't have something positive to say about that day's activities and not one Shabbos when they didn't tell someone in our Chabad House about Junior Gan Yisrael. Thank you so very much. We're already looking forward to next summer." .

Rabbi Michoel Feinstein, Allouez, WI, August 6, 2017.

This camp is really professional and really warm - it is so hard to find that combination!.

Mrs. Dena Walters, August 5, 2016.

Even though our sons' counselors only had them for a short six weeks, they gave them such wonderful, personalized attention and made them feel loved and special. We are so grateful for the devoted and dedicated staff you have.

It's December now, and every day when we pass by Howard and Crawford, my little one makes sure to cry out, "Camp!" And if I don't acknowledge him fast enough, he says it louder and louder!

Grateful mother and former JGI counselor Mrs. Mindy Samberg

When I told my son that there are only three days left to camp, "No way! I love camp! I want camp to continue forever!"

Chaya Lipskier, Chicago, July 28, 2015

I just wanted to thank you again for the amazing time that our sons had in camp. They absolutely loved it, and are now busy getting their next-in-age brother ready for the fun they'll have in camp together next year. It was worth our traveling here from Allouez for our boys to experience this camp.

Rabbi Michoel Feinstein, Allouez, Wisconsin, August 1, 2015


My son has been asking when he gets to go back to camp, since the day camp ended! Every summer I see how much effort is put into camp by all the amazing staff members and I can't thank them all enough!

Mrs. Hally Goldstein, Skokie, December 2015

I love the other families in this camp. It's is a great community that you can really become part of.

Mrs. Jennifer Banayan, Skokie, December 2015

Junior Gan Israel gives the kids a phenomenal time. They especially love the singing. It does not seem to matter which school the kids are going to, they make new friends at camp. And me, I always notice the welcoming atmosphere. This camp is so nurturing.

Mrs. Julie Feinberg, Evanston, December 2015

My girls love JGI! It was great watching my youngest daughter transition from the Tots Club the previous summer to attending Bright Beginnings on her own. My daughter loved the daily davening and singing, projects, playing on the equipment in the gym and playground, splashing around during water play, and the special activities. She is still talking about riding a camel last summer. She even begged to ride the camel at the our last zoo visit "just like at camp!"

Mrs. Andrea Alter, Skokie, December 2015

My daughter looked forward to every single camp activity. Each morning, she would run out the door with excitement for the day, and at the end of the day she would ask about the next! Her enthusiasm about her Judaism and mitzvot flourished. Her love and participation in Junior Gan Israel was beautiful and inspiring to see. We are sad when camp comes to an end and are waiting for it the rest of the year!

Ms. Debra Gassman, Chicago, December 2015

It feels so good seeing the kids so happy. All year long, they love to wear their camp t-shirts. We just wish it lasted longer!

Mrs. Heidi Ida, Chicago, December 2015

Junior Gan Israel is a fun, nurturing environment that provides children with age-appropriate experiences, both religious and secular. Mrs. Posner greets the children each day as the parents walk them in because this camp is really all about the children and making sure they have a safe, healthy, and fun summer. The staff are hand selected, and work together as a team. Every child in this camp is so lucky to be here.

Mrs. Sarah Gryka, Chicago, December 2015

Great camp days begin with being greeted by Mrs. Posner in the morning. Your smile and gracious greeting means so much.

Mrs. Deanna Stern, Skokie, July 2015

We love Junior Gan Israel. We wanted to take the girls on a trip to Disneyland, but they insisted that we wait until after camp ended! I need to do laundry every night now, because the only shirts they want to wear are the Junior Gan Israel ones. What will I do when winter comes?

Anonymous, August 2015

It is such a great feeling to drop a kid off the morning knowing she is in great hands, and to come back a few hours later to find her with a huge smile, bubbling over with excitement to tell me all she has done that day. Even the hours that my daughter is not in camp are happier hours, after she has had such a rich morning.

Mrs. Nechama Golding, Skokie, August 2015

I can't understand what it is about this camp that is beyond fabulous. Every kid LOOOOOVES Junior Gan Israel! With five O's!"

Mrs. Stafanie Argamon, July 12, 2015


"This is my favorite camp. I just love this place."

Mrs. Yocheved Boyer, quoting her daughter, July 13, 2015


"This camp is super well-behaved. You're welcome back any time!"

Mr. Adam Yenkin, Visitor Experience Senior Associate at the Kohl Children's Museum, July 21, 2015

"The worst part of my day is when camp is over."

Mrs. Mushky Kulek, quoting her daughter, June 26, 2015



"And by the way, she loves the food. I had to loosen her car-seat on Wednesday because her tummy was so full."

Mrs. Jen Marzouk, June 26, 2015

Dear Mrs. Posner

First off I would like to express my wife & my greatest appreciation for giving our kids an incredible summer.

We saw how organized, and caring you were, therefore that always rolls onto your staff.

Your warm greeting whenever we dropped off/picked up our children.

We felt so comfortable leaving our kids with such a solid well run camp. our kids and us can't wait for next year.

Thanks you again so much
Avraham & Rivkah Hershkovich


Our son had an amazing first-time camp experience! Thank you! The themes, activities, projects, trips and songs and all the details in between made for a memorable summer! Can’t wait for next summer – 10 months and counting!

Mrs. Shaynee Kroker, Chicago


The feeling in your camp is so positive and energetic and at the same time calm and organized!

June 26, 2014

Mrs. Lifsha Weissman, Highland Park


I feel so good knowing that our sons are in such loving, gentle and caring hands. Please tell their morahs they are amazing, and we are looking forward to tomorrow!

Former JGI counselor, now a JGI mother

June 25, 2014


This camp is so much fun, it ought to be illegal.

Kochava Yitzhak


Whenever we drive by the camp grounds during the school year my daughter goes, “That's Mrs. Posner’s camp! Can we go there now?” Junior Gan Israel is an amazing camp experience for little kids. It is a loving and warm place where kids get to explore what camp is like without the anxiety of being off on their own. It’s a friendly group of families, kids and staff, and it became a home away from home for the campers. At camp pick up, the kids can't wait to fill you in on all the camp songs they learned, the great art projects they did, their sports activities, and the fun they had at the playground and pool; there are lots of new and diverse activities each week. We can’t wait until next summer!

Jen Koplow, Skokie


“As we were driving home from camp today, I hear my son from the back seat – how ‘bout we call a counselor on the phone and ask her to come to our house for Shabbos!’ Our compliments to Morah Tzirl and the entire Junior Gan Israel staff!”

Rabbi Shmuel Rothman, Chicago, July 7, 2013


Camp was amazing. My son had the best time. He is still talking about it now. Every time he passes the building he gets all excited – “my camp! my camp!” He would run into camp every day. I did not need to convince him. He loved the activities and the trips and the pool. I was so happy to leave him there every day.

Rochel Telsner, Skokie


Junior Gan Israel is so much fun! It does not matter which school your child is in. Everything is always so well prepared and fun and educational too. The kids look forward to it every summer.

Becky Cherney, Skokie


This is my third child, and I signed my daughter up without hesitation. There is no camp like Junior Gan Israel. The staff are the best, carefully selected and screened, and the children are loved and well cared for. Activities are age-appropriate, and most importantly each child is treated as an individual. We come back year after year. We love Mrs. Posner and Junior Gan Israel and are so happy to be part of the camp family!

Nicole Fagan, Skokie


I love Junior Gan Israel. It has a very warm, comfortable feeling. The kids are so well cared for, and happy to go. It’s a great program. I love that there are outdoor activities like swimming and sports every day.

Rifka Weiss, Lincolnwood


My daughter’s camp experience was her first group experience and it set off a cascade of maturing affects. She went from being a baby to being a kid. She found camp thrilling, and I felt good knowing that she is under excellent care. We had to travel four hours from Iowa City for her to come to this camp, and it was worth it.

Nechama Golding, Iowa City


I wanted to say a huge thank you for such a positive first experience of camp for my daughter. She is a very shy girl and had been in the same daycare since three months old. This was her first time anywhere else and she is in love. She gets excited every morning to go to camp and comes home with a huge smile on her face. Morah Joanie along with all the counselors always makes sure to welcome her into the classroom. There are engaging art projects set up right away for her to get involved in and she happily leaves my side without even looking back. I am beyond thrilled with our first experience. As a teacher myself I know I look for a lot when looking into a classroom and am so pleased. Thank you so much for starting the summer off right.

Jenny Levin, Skokie


As a father and an educator, I am consistently impressed with the outstanding programming at Junior Gan Israel, the professionalism of the staff and the administration, and the flexibility provided for working parents. I strongly recommend Junior Gan Israel to Jews of any denomination.

Ilan Heifetz, Chicago


It’s so adorable to see how excited the kids are to go to camp. I know that they are in great hands, and they are getting a ton out of it. I love the positive, Jewish approach.

Kira Rich, Skokie

It’s the first year that we are attending and now I understand why Junior Gan Israel is so popular. You put your heart and soul into camp, and you can see that in every aspect of the camp! It is worth the drive from Vernon Hills.

Rochel Susskind, Vernon Hills IL

The swimming at the Oakton Water Playground, the sports, the animals, the fieldtrips - what a thrill! I want to be five years old too so I can go to camp again.

Elyse Silverman, Morton Grove



Thank you for a wonderful summer experience for our sons. They both had a great time and we really appreciate the new and unique activities, sports and enriching opportunities that they experienced! The warmth and professionalism of your camp, as well as the way you cater to the entire spectrum of the Jewish community is admirable and much appreciated! Now that the kids are home during the day, they're constantly asking to go back to their camp!

Feigel Tenenbaum, Gurnee



Our kids loved every minute of camp and would look forward to each day! We really appreciate everything that you and the staff of Junior Gan Israel did for our children.

Rivka and Avraham Varnai, Chicago



Thank you for once again giving my children a wonderful summer! Your staff and program are excellent and my kids would look forward to each day at camp!

Feige Slaviticki, Skokie IL



We now have three kids in Junior Gan Israel. Every day they ask if today is a camp day. They love JGI, and it’s so adorable to see how excited they are to go. The kids are so happy, and I know that they are in great hands. I love how they are so busy at camp. It’s amazing to see how much they get out of it – the songs, the projects, the davening that they love, the parsha stories, they love it all. They are so excited to give Tzedakah every day. They are getting a ton out of it.

I like the approach you take to the parsha. The other day, my big guy came home and said, “The Jewish people were celebrating the end of Moshe’s life”. What a nice focus.

Kira Rich, Skokie



It’s been a great summer. I love the Afternoon Specials, the Oakton Pool trips 3X each week and everything. JGI is a great place to take the kids. It’s the best camp for kids this age that I have ever seen. I’m only sorry that we did not know about it sooner. We come for the summer from California, and even with no friends from before, our son is so happy every day.

Elisheva Wachsman, Valley Village, CA



I was trying to explain to my four year old why we are sad and fast tomorrow, Tisha B’Av. So he answers that it’s because we don't have camp tomorrow.

Ruki Halpert, Chicago



Mrs. Posner, I just love your preschool and camp. I am a world language teacher, grades K – 8, and I appreciate an interactive experience where kids learn while still being kids! Thank you for all you have given to my grandchildren!

Mrs. Jody Schneider, Milwawukee, WI



I wanted to say a huge thank you for such a positive first experience of camp for my daughter. She is a very shy girl and had been in the same daycare since three months old. This was her first time anywhere else and she is in love. She gets excited every morning to go to camp and comes home with a huge smile on her face. Morah Joanie along with all the counselors always makes sure to welcome her into the classroom. There are engaging art projects set up right away for her to get involved in and she happily leaves my side without even looking back.

I am beyond thrilled with our first experience. As a teacher myself I know I look for a lot when looking into a classroom and am so pleased. Thank you so much for starting the summer off right.

Jenny Levin, Skokie



Its the first year that we are attending and I see your camp in full action!! Now I see why there are so many kids registered and the reason it is a huge success! You put your heart and soul into it and you can see that in every aspect of the camp!

Rochel Susskind, Vernon Hills IL



Whenever we drive by the camp building during the year, my son bounces up and down in his car seat and yells out, "There's my camp! When does camp start?" .

Adina Kaplan, Chicago


I had a great time being a counselor. All of the kids were adorable and the staff was outstanding to work with. I can't wait to work again this summer.

Aviva Tatelbaum, Skokie



I'm a lifeguard at Oakton pool and I love when your lil cuties come to the pool. Today a child I'd never met before came up to me and said "I like you, you're the bestttt!" It melted my heart! <3

Amy Sands, Lifeguard at Oakton Water Playground



We wouldn't skip a summer. The love and the fun keep us coming back year after year.

Beth Perkel, Skokie



Junior Gan Israel is so professionally run, and the staff are warm and full of life. Our children come home bursting with enthusiasm. We love Junior Gan Israel. .

Dena Brody, Chicago



Junior Gan Israel is the perfect camp for us. Action-packed fun which is what all kids want, and caring and nurturing which is what all parents want. .

Shaina Sugar, Skokie



This camp is our son's first camp experience, and we felt comfortable right away. The teachers are so supportive and loving. The activities are great. It is my pleasure to drive the extra five minutes for such a high-quality, Jewish program. .

Shira Walny, Morton Grove



Junior Gan Israel is a great place for kids to be kids. They go to camp happy, and they come home with stories and smiles. .

Dana Hunter, Chicago



Thank you for a wonderful summer! I have already recommended the camp to so many people. My daughter was super-happy, enriched. And we were super-impressed with the running of the camp, the content and the staff. Thank you so much and may Hashem give you much strength to do all the important work that you do.

Yardena Cope-Yossef, Jerusalem/Skokie



The girls had a blast, as usual. We'll be back next year, of course.

Chaili Glickman, Skokie



Camper: "Today is a sad day for the Jewish People."
Parent: "Why?"
Camper: "Because it is the last day of camp."
(quoted verbatim by parent)

Erik Moskovitch, Skokie



My son had a terrific summer! The staff is so great and the activities are fantastic. He also gained so much Jewish knowledge and love of Torah!

Mrs. Hally Golstein, Chicago



My granddaughter had a wonderful summer! She loves to "davento Hashem" and to "give Tzedakah" . Morah Mushky and her helpers were the best. Our little one ran into the room excitedly each moring. Thanks for a great experience!

Dr. Shana Erenberg, Skokie



My daughter had a best summer and looked forward to coming every day. She really loved it.

Mrs. Shoshanah Zaretsky, Skokie



TAnother great year. All my grandson wants to do now is to "get mitzahs

Riki Lieberman, Evanston



Thank you for a geat summer! My son loved every minute of camp.

Mrs. Rivka Varnai, Chicago


I want to thank you. Our son came home on Thursday and the first thing that he said was "Morah love me! I asked him, "How do you know? He said "Morah tell me."

My heart was about to burst. I care so deeply for my boy, and truly want the very best for him. When he told me this, with a huge grin, I was filled with such joy. For when the teachers are loving my son, they are directly affecting me. Thank you for hiring staff who care and truly make an attachment with the children.

Emily Hoffman, Chicago


In December, our three year old said to me, " I am getting ready for camp." My standard line to this kind of comment in December is, "When it get's warmer outside it will be time for camp." However, it was 50 degrees that day. I was caught with nothing to answer a three year old.

NO camp will ever top Junior Gan Israel.

Judy Zagorin, Skokie



It was an fabulous experience and now that it is over, we cannot wait for next summer. Ths smile on my son's face each morning going to and from camp was priceless. The swimming and the outdoor activities and the animals and the sports and the field trips were all amazing. Now he literally cries to go back! Our division head and counselors were the best.

Shana Kroll, Skokie



Hershy misses Junior Gan Yisrael. Whenever we pass by Crawford and Howard, he waves at the building and says, "See you next year, Gan Yisroel!! He is definitely a happy camper!

Mrs. Beth Perkel, Skokie



You got it right. Junior Gan Israel is the best camp in the world. The kids loved it. It is especially wonderful that my children were Junior Gan Israel campers and now my grandchildren are Junior Gan Israel campers. It is true that these experiences at this age last a lifetime.

Leba Chana Lubin, Chicago



Mrs. Posner and her loving staff have truly mastered the art of informal Jewish education. From Day One, our daughter had a great time, and came home every day talking so enthusiastically about what she done that day.

Mrs. Lisa Singer, Chicago



Our family loves Junior Gan Israel. We come from so far away because the kids do not want any other camp. They made a lot of friends here and are so comfortable. Thank you!

Sari Owen, Deerfield



This camp is fantastic. Our son had such a good time. He looked forward to coming each day. You do such a great job. Everything is thought out and planned out. You think of everything. Even the litle ones cannot wait to come.

Shoshana HIrschhorn, Chicago



Every day was more fantastic than the day before. Our daughter always came home overflowing with excitement.

Gail Darlow, Skokie



Thank you for making my girls' first camp experience so much fun!

Shira Cheplowitz, Chicago



Zeesy, congratulations on running such a purposeful and fun summer program. Each division in this well developed camp consitantly delivers a prime product: Happy Campers! It was an honor to be part of it all - thank you for the oppportunity!

Esther Grossman (camp division head),



We came from out of town for the summer, and I was concerned that my daughter be comfortable. Her division head and counselors were so warm and welcoming and she felt immediately at home.

Nechama Dina Vale, Brooklyn NY



Our kids had a wonderful time. They came home each day singing songs and were so happy to go to camp each morning.

Yael Ripstein, Skokie



Thank you for giving our kids such a wonderful summer.
Thank you for having a camp where kids feel happy and safe.
Thank you for teaching them so much in just six weeks.
Thank you for loving them and caring for their every need.
Thank you for the entire staff and all their dedication, energy and enthusiasm.
Thank you this year, years past and years to come.

Judy Zagorin, Skokie



Junior Gan Israel is the best! This was my third year working there, and it is a great experience! The counselors, division heads, and especially Mrs.Posner, are all phenomenal!

Rivky Sperling, Skokie



Our son had a fantastic time. We are all so sad that it is over. The camp was so accomodating to his whims and needs. Each day when he came home he was excited to report to us all about the fun activites he had that day. On the last day of camp when we came home and pulled up in our driveway, he started to cry saying that he wants to go back.

Menachem and Tehila Posner, Montreal Quebec



Each day, my daughter could not stop talking about what she did that day. She had the most fun, it was amazing to see. We all want another week of camp, at least.

Monica Brochin, Chicago



Camp went by too fast. Our boys had a great time. Each day, they could not wait to go. Everything at the camp runs so perfectly smooth. It's great. Our grandson was sick one day, and he cried because he could not go to camp. He got dressed and screamed for an hour. This is the truth.

Ricki Lieberman, Grandmother of children from Lombard



Thank you for giving my daughter her very first AMAZING summer camp experience!! She had a wonderful time! The camp was so organized and ran so smoothly and I felt so safe leaving her in your care.

Rena Mauer, Chicago



תתגמדנה המילים ותקצר היריעה
להביע לך ולצוות המורים מילות הערכה
על תשומת הלב האישית והחמה,
על ההתחשבות בכל פרט
על המעקב והטיפול
אשר כפי שידענו היה כפול,

על המסירות בה טיפלת בנו כל העת. לא חסכת במאמץ ועבודה הראויה למחמאה
, ואנו מרגישים היטב את התוצאה.
ולכם נביע המון תודה וברכה....

בתנו פשוט פורחת
, נהנית מכל רגע
!!!! היא נכנסת זוהרת לבית מלאה בסיפורים וחוויות
ומביאה יצירות נפלאות המלאות באהבה לכבודי למשפחתי

. ותודה מראש ממשפחת מיכאלי

Michaeli Family



I want to let you know how much my grandchildren are enjoying camp. Your staff is outstanding, very creative, and are very sensitive to the children's needs. Everyday they come home with a smile on their face. It is truly a pleasure to know that they are in such a caring and loving environment, where they can enjoy their summer.

Todah Rabah,
Susan Rosenberg



Thanks for such a well-organized, wonderful, fun and enriching program with very warm and talented staff.

Rena Spiegel



We love Morah Becky (Fun Flutes) and her
counselors. Every morning she is waiting for the kids by the
door. The projects are ready, snack is prepared. My daughter is
engaged from the moment she walks in the door. As a professional
educator, I am very impressed with the way the camp is organized and
run on a daily basis.

Veronica Vyazovszky, Chicago



Our daughter is upset that camp is only for two weeks more. It just started, she says. She simply does not want camp to end.

Thank you for giving our children the most fantastic summer. They truly enjoyed every moment of it and are so sad that it is over. We greatly appreciate all your hard work, time and energy in making Junior Gan Israel the best. Thank you!

Schneur Scheiman, Chicago



We went on a seven hour car ride last August. My daughter was singing camp songs the whole time. It was hilarious. Her favorites are "An Apple Was Sitting on the Railroad Track", and "Don't Walk in Front of Me."

It's February now, and she can't wait. When I told her that we are signing her up for next summer, she was clapping and jumping, she was so happy. It's incredible.

Monica Brochin, Chicago



We were extremely happy with your program with my three year old son last summer. The entire experience was amazing for a boy who had never attended any program and didn't speak English. Now I am thinking about next summer...

Mrs. Chana Talyansky, Chicago



This has been our second year at Junior Gan Israel. My children love camp Every day they ask if they can go to camp. It has been a phenominal experience. The programming is great, and the teachers are lovely. We really appreciate all your hard work!"

Yehudit Gavant, Chicago



I enjoyed being a counselor very much, and I love the kids. I put my heart into the kids and my work. I believe working here was the best thing I ever did!

Ayelet Margolis, Chicago



I had a great experince being a counselor in this camp and I would suggest this job to anyone who is interested in becoming a pre - mom!

Chana Aliza Sugar



Thank you for such a wonderful summer. Every time we pass by Howard and Crawford, Levi says, "That's my camp!" Once, he told me he'd like to live at camp. When I told him that if he lives at camp we will miss him, he answered that the whole family should live at camp! We can't wait until next summer!"

Feigel Tenenbaum, Gurnee



"Hakeitana hazot mamash gevaldik!"

Noam's Dad, Wilmette



"I do not know what I will do on August 9. Why don't you have another three weeks of camp - Hilay loves it here!"

Sabrina Mamalya



I am so touched by the atmosphere in this camp is so warm and friendly. I would indeed like to be a child again and go to this camp!

Zhenia Meyerson



Our son has been undergoing speech therapy. His tharapist said to me that over the six weeks of camp, he has made six months of progress. I almost cried. His speech has exploded since he started camp. It was his first time away from me, and he has grown so much, and had a great time as well. It has been a wonderful experience




It was such a hard decision to send our son to camp because it means that I need to drive him 25 miles, twice a day. I said to myself, this is crazy. But it was the best decision.

He loves his counselors. He came not knowing anyone, and now he knows the names of all the kids in his group, and he is so happy to see them. It has been just fabulous, it was well worth it. He has grown so much socially and developmentally. I will definitely do it again. Next year, he can stay until 3:30. Please count us in!

Signed, Penny Kagan, Buffalo Grove



Today he was holding his baby brother and I hear him whisper into his brother's ear, "Yaakov Yosef- you are so lucky that you are going to get to go to Jr. Gan Israel when you are a little bigger- it's such a fun camp and the morahs are so nice."

Miriam Lipnick, Chicago



I cannot believe the amount of growth I am seeing in Avi over the summer. He is really thriving. His vocabulary is growing and he is singing all these songs. It's amazing. This is such a great preparation for school, it is unbelievable. We are so appreciative, and just so happy.

Allison Troppe, mother of Avi


Junior Gan Israel campers have come to our museum for many years, and I am always so impressed at how well behaved and happy the children seem. This is a testament to the high quality of leadership and organization that goes into the program. We always welcome their visits.

Brigid Walsh at the Kohl Children's Museum



"I said to my daughter and to my daughter in law, that whenever they come to Chicago for the summer, this is the only camp for the little ones to go to. There is no question about it!"

Mrs. Elka Abramchik, Chicago



My boys have had an amazing summer at Junior Gan Israel! On July 5 when there was no camp, they cried and begged to go to camp, they just loved it. Thank you!

Rachel Karesh, Chicago



"This program is so awesome. I have no words. I loved it! Parents are happy when they see that their kids are happy. Next summer, sign us up! Todah!"

Mrs. Ifat Bega, Skokie



"Emily sleeps with the camp calendar in her bed. What more can I say."

Gail Berger Darlow, Skokie



Every day when I would drop off my son to babysitting or to school, he would cry. Today is a first - I dropped my son off at camp and he is so happy - no tears! :) Yahoo!




You can't imagine how happy my son is coming to this camp. Thank you!

Shlomo Kulbak, Wilmette



Five year olds singing camp cheers in the bath at night - priceless

Miriam Lipnick, Chicago



The only bad thing about the camp is that I get my son to bed at 8:00, but he cannot fall asleep until 10:00 because he is so excited about camp the next day and the activities that will be happening. So I don't know what to do.

Ellen Zemel, Evanston



After the second day of camp, my daughter took a long nap. When she woke up at 6:00, she changed her clothes and said, "I'm ready for camp!". When I told her it was almost night, she cried for an hour, "I want to go to Gan Israel!"

Beri Cohen, Skokie



Last night, my three year old fell asleep in the car, and when I was taking her out ot the car to the bed in the middle of her sleep she said to me, "Mom, can I go to my camp tomorrow?"

It was her first real experience away from me, and we did not want it to end. Seriously, you do an amazing job at the camp.

Mrs. Posner is my role model as an educator. I have a very vivid picture in my mind of how, when the children walk in, she greets each child and makes him feel special. Its the way she addresses the child first that is just so sweet.

I have heard the same thing from other mothers. It is so genuine and sincere that the children pick up on it and feel so cared for.

From the bottom of my heart, I hope that the camp continues to grow so that more children can have this experience!

Beri Cohen



I love Junior Gan Israel! Here's why:
To say my daughter loved it is a gross understatement. After last summer she talked about going back for the whole year. Thank you Junior Gan Israel!!.

R. Sexner



My husband and I wanted a quality Jewish camp for our children and we found it in Junior Gan Israel. Unlike some other camps who limit Jewish activities to Fridays, Junior Gan Israel makes Judaism an everyday occurence in a fun and loving environment. It was well worth the 1 hour+ drive every day! I know my kids will be back next year. Thank you Mrs. Posner, Morah Miriam and Morah Joanie!!!.

Arieh & Violet Flemenbaum



This camp has been an amazing exprience for my son - literally. As his mom, I am just so grateful that this was his first experience away from me.

Leslie Wortman



I was hesitant to send my son to Junior Gan Israel because he did not know anyone and he was not familiar with the building. But the staff is exceptional, and both my son and I felt at ease immediately.

Wendy Malkin



You have some beautiful children in this camp. Some people may think I am being partial, but I am not. Harold [the other bus driver] and I were talking to each other and Harold said that the chidlren in this camp are just so mannerable. They are breathtaking. The children in this camp are never wild. We really enjoy these children. They are gorgeous. This camp is the best. I just love these children, they are so beautiful. The teachers do an excellent job. I hope that the parents know how lucky they are. The teachers are great."

Wanda Hoover
Bus driver for Junior Gan Israel 2009


We greatly appreciate what a loving, fun, and Torah environment you have created at Junior Gan Israel. Avraham Meir grew SO much over the summer, thanks to Mrs. Posner and the JGI staff. Mrs. Posner has a gift for selecting good staff. His Morah and the counselors were all warm and wonderful. From my heart, I am so grateful. I did not grow up going to day school. To be part of this camp is an incredible privelege.I cannot get over how the camp attracts Jewish people from all the different backgrounds. I also cannot get over all the projects and activities. Unbelievable!

Mrs. Rivka Nedwin, mother of Avraham Meir


At the beiginning of the summer, my daughter-in-law had some concerns. Mrs. Posner listened to her, got involved, and dealt with things. I was so impressed. Now my daughter-in-law wants to continue to send him for the second session. No question about it, my grandson LOVES camp. I am a big fan of Mrs. Posner and Junior Gan Israel.

Ahuva Klein, aka Nana



When I picked Maya up from camp on Friday, Maya was hsyterically upset. I said, "Honey, what's wrong?"

She said, "I miss my counselors already! How many days until camp again?"

I told her we had to wait three days for camp to start again next week. She was so upset, she would not stop. She kept on asking me, "When can my counselors babysit me?"

Sarah Neikrug, Skokie



My daughter loves Junior Gan Israel, and so do I!

It is so important to me that my children are in a safe and nurturing environment. At Junior Gan Israel, all of my daughter's needs are met, and she feels so good being here. She loves the sports and the activities and the different events. There is so much variety, and everything is so organized. At Junior Gan Israel, she is exposed to many different children, and I see her developing socially throughout the summer.

The camp has so much to offer that no matter what a child's interests, every child feels successful and happy. The greatest tribute to Junior Gan Israel is that people from all different streams of Judaism feel comfortable here, and families come back year after year.

Mrs. Debbie Well, Skokie



Zecharia LOVED his counselors at camp. Every morning, he could not wait to run into the room and hug his counselors. It is December now, and he is still talking about the horses at camp last summer.

Sue Dimbert



Junior Gan Israel is the BEST because it is the most FUN. I will continue to send my children to this camp as long as I can. I have never met anyone as great as Zeesy Posner.

Dana Biran



My daughter and I love Junior Gan Israel. Even though we live a half hour's drive from camp, it was worth every minute of driving! My daughter was excited to go to camp every day, and when I picked her up, she would be bubbling with enthusiasm about the activities and so proud of her art projects! What I loved most was the atmosphere of warmth and calm and acceptance. I could see that every child was cherished. I heartily recommend Junior Gan Israel to my friends. You have to experience it yourself to know how good it is! We will definitely be back this summer!

Mrs. Ofek Gago, Northbrook



This was the second year we sent our kids to camp. We really feel it was a great experience for them. They really blossomed socially. I also enjoyed meeting the mom's of different kids. So many nice people send their kids there. Junior Gan Israel is the place to send kids for summer camp.

Dahlia Klien



There are so many choices when it comes to sumemr camp programs, but I never thought twice about where to send my children. All 4 of my children have attended Jr Gan Israel at one time or another. Each day I dropped them off knowing that they would have a day filled with fun, warmth, attentiveness, and acceptance. There was always consistent communication between the staff and myself regarding the best way to ensure my children were happy. What else can anyone ask for?




I love Junior Gan Israel! Here's why:
Hailey had such a wonderful summer. She loved going to camp every morning to play with her new friends. And her learning of the davening at 2 ½ years old was amazing!

Laura Goltz


There are so many choices when it comes to summer camp programs. I never thought twice about where to send my children. All 4 of my children have attended Jr Gan Israel at one time or another. Each day I dropped them off knowing that they would have a day filled with fun, warmth, attentiveness, and acceptance. There was always consistent communication between the staff and myself regarding the best way to ensure my children were happy. What else can anyone ask for?

Amy Carl



We love Junior Gan Israel Day Camp!
My daughters are excited to go every day! There is a great schedule of activities that my children are prepared for each day. We always know what to expect and to plan for. The wonderful camp director, Zeesy Posner, greets the children every morning at the door. This practice helps instill a sense of calm and safety for the kids and parents...we know that such a responsible person is in charge. At Junior Gan Israel, my children grow in Yiddishkeit and creativity. Junior Gan Israel makes summer our favorite time of the year.

Eve Muchnik



אני ממש מאושרת שהבנות שלי (3) זכו ללכת לקיטנת גן ישראל "גוניור"- של הגב' זיסי פוזנר. החוויות, העושר הלימודי, והאושר הנפשי שהן חוו שם- מדהים!. הבטיחות : בבריכה ובנסיעות באוטובוס- זה לא משהו שהוא ברור מאיליו, אלו הם הסטנדרטים הגבוהים שהגב' זיסי פוזנר קובעת. צוות המורות והמדריכות שבשיתוף פעולה יוצא מן הכלל מעבירות לילדים המון מידע בדרך של משחק, תשומת הלב לפרטים וההקשבה להורים הופך את הקיטנה למשהו מאוד מיוחד- תודה לצוות המורות , המדריכות והגב' זיסי פוזנר על שהקימו מפעל כזה- ישר- כח

מעיין אבידב נתראה בקיץ



Junior Gan Israel offers a fun and loving environment for our girls. They look forward to going to camp every day. Zeesy and her staff make an extra effort to make every child feel special and give every kid the best summer experience possible.




I love Junior Gan Israel! Here's why: Our family relocated to the Skokie area at the beginning of July for my job. And we were very concerned about the effect of this rapid move on our four-yr old son. However, we have watched him flourish, and in so many ways, during the course of this camp. Thank-you Mrs. Posner, as well as your amazing staff for this PHENOMENAL summer camp!

The Ohayons



I was apprehensive about sending my 3-year-old daughter to camp, but there was no need to worry. Her camp "teacher" and the counselors made her feel right at home, dealt easily with any anxiety, and she would come home every day with news about new friends and all the great activities she'd done that day. We are hands-on parents and do a lot with our kids at home, but the excitement of camp and being with so many other kids her age in a safe and happy environment cannot be duplicated.

Des Plaines, IL



I love Junior Gan Israel! Here's why: It was my daughter’s first time away from home. I was really worried how she (and I) were going to handle it. Thanks to Mrs. Posner and her amazing team, my daughter did incredibly well. She absolutely LOVED it. In the morning she couldn’t wait to get there and in the afternoon I couldn’t get her to leave. My daughter’s day was filled with fieldtrips, trips to the pool, numerous fun crafts, enthusiastic moras, and an nurturing environment. Junior Gan Israel is a wonderful camp. I am also very grateful to Mrs. Posner for helping me overcome my separation anxiet

Yelena Shulman



We moved to Skokie 2 1/2 years ago and have sent our daughter to Junior Gan Israel for three years. She absolutely loved her experience and came home literally singing about her days there. Our son had his first year this past summer and had an amazing time with Morah Sandy. We have been impressed with how caring, nurturing, and organized Mrs. Posner is and how this transfers over to a well run summer camp. We highly recommend sending your children here.




I love Junior Gan Israel! Here's why: The camp and its morahs provided a nuturing atmosphere for our daughter to learn and to have fun with her friends.

Ellen Rashkow



Zeesy, even though a few months have passed since camp ended, I wanted to tell you how much we all look forward to the summer.
The songs the kids sing a whole day long, the smiles and jumping for excitement every morning, the reluctance to leave camp at the end of the day, and of course the amazing, dedicated staff, give us what to look forward to a whole (cold) winter long.
We are looking forward to spending our 6th year in your camp (and recommending it to our friends too!)
Hatzlacha, and thanks so much.

The Benjaminsons



The Kaytanah B'Ivirt (Hebrew Immersion) program has been fantastic! My daughter loves her warm, nurturing morot, and comes home singing beautiful songs b'Ivrit. What an amazing concept and fanstastic program.



At dinner the other night my daughter (a JGI camper) asked my son,"Do you have a Mrs. Posner at your camp?" he responded "No". She then stated "You are not lucky" We love this camp!



This is our second summer sending our 3 yr old son to Junior Gan Israel, and we love it! For the last month and a half he would wake up everyday and ask, "Ima, is it summer yet? Can I go to camp?" Camp is now here, and he is having a blast! We have not had a bit of seperation anxiety- he is sooo happy to go to camp every morning! It is wonderful to be greeted by Mrs. Posner at drop off and pick up.

This week he woke up at 4:00 on Shabbos morning begging to go to camp. He said, "Morah Becca, Morah Adina, and the other Morahs miss me. I need to go to camp!" I think that in and of itself tells you how AMAZING Jr. Gan Israel is and how loving their staff are. Thank you!

Miriam and Meir Lipnick



It's almost summer and I am thinking about camp plans for my daughter. We live in AZ and I was planning on staying home and putting her in camp here. When my daughter heard this she begged me to "please let her go to camp in Skokie with Mrs Posner and all the fun trips".

Last summer my daughter really enjoyed JGI. She didn't know anyone and yet felt right at home and loved going every morning. She learned many things, made great friends and really thrived in the environment created there!!! We are coming again! Thank you for a great memorable summer!

Shterni Bryski
Scottsdale, AZ



When I told my son that we were thinking of sending him to the camp run by our local park district, he said, " Mommy, it's not a Jewish camp- the only camp I want to go to is Gan Israel!" He was right. No matter how many Jewish kids attend the park district camp, it could not replace the all encompassing Jewish atmosphere that Gan Israel provides.




What a wonderful experience Camp Junior Gan Israel was for my two boys! It is January and they are STILL talking about it and counting down the days until next summer. The teachers were so patient and understanding and made every day exciting. Mrs. Posner goes out of her way to make every child feel special. We still use and treasure all the beautiful art projects they made. Can't wait for another fun-filled summer!

Kari Gutstein



Zeesy Posner is one of a kind. When I left my son, I never worried b/c I knew I was leaving him not only in the most capable hands but also the most loving. You had an entire camp to run and yet you gave personal attention to Judah every morning, greeting him at the door and taking him from my arms to yours. You gave him the confidence to leave me and now he can. I've never known anyone else who has such a natural ease with children. Zeesy Posner is warm, kind, loving and so respectful with the children and they know it and love her back.Thank you for sharing yourself with us and with our kids,You run a wonderful fun program that every child wants to attend. We're lucky to have you.

I'm a huge fan!



Junior Gan Israel was a wonderful experience for my daughter. It was the first place she was able to separate from me without any tears! She was too busy having fun and learning in a safe, nurturing environment to miss me at all.

Miriam Katzman



I love Junior Gan Israel! Here's why:
My kids have the best time!! Not only do they love all the activities the camp has to offer, which is numerous, they also LOVE the Morahs and the teen counselors. Everyone is so excited to see us, there is so much ruach, and camp is extremely well organized. Mrs. Posner is always there to lend a hand or an ear. She greets each and every camp member each day. My kids came home each day singing all the beautiful hebrew and english songs they learned in camp. It's a pleasure to see my kids' love of yiddushkeit grow. I highly recommend this camp to all. Your kids and you will love it!

Julie Feinberg



Every day Mrs. Posner waits at the door to welcome the campers with her own special touch, each child gets a special hello and a smile as they are greeted into a new day filled with all kinds of activities you would expect in a summer camp. Swimming, sports, arts and crafts, music and field trips. Mrs. Posner and the camp counselors bring tremendous warmth, fun and jewish values into the camp experience.



Our whole family loves Junior Gan Israel! Here's why:
We am now on our third boy to send to Junior Gan Israel, and every summer was a huge success. Zeesy, a warm & loving person, connects with each & every child. Whenever any of my boys see Zeesy, they always begin with, "Look! There's Mrs. Posner!", as if they've just seen a star. Zeesy is always thinking of ways to add more to each summer -and is committed to excellence. Each day of camp was always filled with fun activities, fun learning, and a big feeling of ahavas Yisroel (love for each other). They always came home happily singing & were always ready to go back each morning. This is our last year with the camp, and I'll be very sad when it's over.

Sincerely, S. Hunt in Skokie



Camp Gan Israel is a great camp!! Each new day, Mrs. Posner opens the doors and greets the campers with a warm smile. Pictures line the hallways of recent activities. Counselors welcome the children and prepare for a fun packed day inside, outside or often a field trip. Our son Eliezer came home happy each day and couldn't wait for the next camp day. He had fun, learned a lot and added to his Torah knowledge all within a heimesh atmosphere. Thank you Jr. Gan Israel

Judy Zagorin



My children and I felt warmth, understanding and a welcoming feeling that was very special-sometimes it was even humbling. My son Benor came home every day with wonderful stories about the great fun he had in the camp and was very exited to go back every day!! Mrs.Posner is a warm personable person who probably was able to make any one feel special and welcomed no matter what!!! That is a great gift that I enjoyed!!

The staff was very proffessional,welcoming and loving to the children, and Mora Rivka was just inspiring to me!!!

Yishar Koach with all our love
Katrine Winer



This past summer was my first time separating from my son and it was so easy. I was able to call Mrs. Posner on her cell phone and she looked in on my son, and my concerns were relieved. The staff was so welcoming and understanding.

Mrs. Raphaella Stern



Junior Gan Israel has been a phenominal experience for my child. Under Mrs. Posner's supervision, this camp provides the warmest, most outstanding and well organized summer of fun. My sons had the most creative and outstanding counselors. Every day when I left my son at camp, I knew that he was going to be well cared for. And every day when i picked him up, he was beaming and I was grateful that we had made such a terrific choice. It was great.

Mrs. Tami Miller, Skokie



We love Junior Gan Israel! Here's why:

It provides a loving and caring experience full of fun and learning every day. All three of our girls have attended Junior GI. My husband, the pediatrician and I cannot imagine a safer, more nurturing environment to stimulate the Jewish values and developmental growth of our children.

Thank you Zeesy for all that you do.

Jill & Oren Lakser



We love Junior Gan Israel! Here's why:

Above all, I knew my children were safe. They always came home happy and in fact, didn't want to come home! Morah Chaya gave my daughter confidence she needed to make the transition to becoming a young lady with confidence. My younger daughter just had the time of their life!!!

We just came back from a long driving vacation, and they sang the Gan Yisroel Camp Song all the way there and back! We can't wait 'till next year!!!

Esther Rabinovitz-Mott and James Mott



Zeesy Posner has a beautiful way of making every child feel special. This was my last year with a child at this camp, and I am sad to say good bye. My boys have all had fun filled wonderful summers at Jr. Gan Yisroel, and I recommend this camp highly to everyone. Thank you Zeesy for so many wonderful summers!

Laura in Skokie



Hi Guys,

You have a great looking site and I love the pictures from camp! It sure looks like those kids are having a ball!

Yossel G.
Melbourne, Australia



I love Junior Gan Israel!

Here's why:
Benny LOVED his week. Many thanks to Morah Nechama Dina Bergstein and all the wonderful counselors who made his time at camp so great. There wasn't one thing that he could pick out as a favorite. As he said "everything was TERRIFIC!"

Mrs Posner....yashar koyach. You have a fantastic program. Keep up the great work.

Benny Gray and his grateful mommy
Sharon, MA



My daughter Sarah loved Junior Gan Israel camp last year. The teachers were great and Sarah made new friends. She loved all the activities, especially swimming and horseback riding. She can't wait to go again this summer.
Mrs. Zeesy Posner does an awesome job and we love her.

Julie Feinberg
Skokie, IL


Roie loved swimming last year with Junior Gan Israel! He is looking forward to going back again this year. We love Junior Gan Israel and keep wishing that you would continue until the kids are just a little bit older!

Rosanne Arnet,
Skokie, IL


Mrs. Posner, Morah Elana, Morah Mendelsberg and all the wonderful Jr. Counselors who made my daughter, Meira's summer in Skokie an amazing time at Camp Gan Israel, THANKS. I give you all a huge yasher kochem for providing a wonderful experience. Your camp is very organized and professional. It was a pleasure to be greeted personally every morning as well as see the latest photos of what has been happening. Meira uses her placemat with all her friends and counselor's pictures for every dairy meal, as well as still sings the camp songs. Let me know when your camp will include the older ones and Meira will gladly return. Thanks again and have a great year.
Judi Superstein,
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada



The sad thing is that my 2 daughters are now both too old for the most wonderful summer camp in the greater Chicagoland area. What will we do next year!
The program, the building, THE PEOPLE, the everything - all fantastic. Thank you.

Mrs. Posner
Mrs. Atlas
Mrs. Mendelsberg
Ms. Finkel
And all the others I don't know by name.


Thanks to Mrs Posner, Morah Frieda, Avigail and Rachel:
Rebecca enjoys the camp and loves her friends immensely.
She sings songs she learned at the camp and is looking forward seeing her friends every morning. She now asks for two pennies for Tzedekah because one is not enough. She will miss her friends at GI.
Thank you.
Rebecca's Momma and Tati.


Hey, guys! What a stunning website! Beautiful! Wishing you all sorts of hatzlacha, mostly emotional, spiritual, financial, and instinctual.



It is really exciting to come to and witness the vivacity of a camp that I assumed was history. I recall as a little boy going to Mrs. Posner's camp, I loved every moment of it then, and I wouldn't be shy to say that it gave me a warm feeling that stays with me even today. Thank you Junior Gan Israel.
SMH (an old fan from the early 80's)


To the webmaster,
I enjoyed the new format for the photos. It makes it easier to look at all of them than it was in previous years. Keep up the good work.
Belinda Kaufman


Thank you again for another amazing summer. Your camp is definitely the best around. If I could send my children to your camp until the age of 20, I would. Thank you to Morah Chaya and all the wonderful girls who help out. Have a wonderful year, we can not wait until next summer!
Lori Gerson


Thank you for another successful and fun filled summer! May you and all the Morot have the strength and drive to continue providing our children with such wonderful camp programming! Enjoy the rest of the year and looking forward to next summer! The web site is amazing, I especially enjoyed your photo gallery!


Can you please post the words to the camp song. My daughter is singing a song to the tune of "It's a small world after all." We would love to hear the complete version! (And if "deep in your heart" is a different song, we would like to see that one as well).
Thanks a lot.
Audrey Levin


B.H. Thank you Zeesy for introducing me to your website. It is kid- friendly, colorful, and chock full of important information, presented in a clear and organized fashion. Of course, knowing you, I expect only the best! Continued hatzlocho,
Love, Blumah


We love Junior Gan Israel!!! We love Zeesy, and we love the camp!!
Cheryl Sperling


Dear Mrs. Posner,
I live in Florida. Last summer I found a picture of my grandchild on your website! I have been looking every few days since camp began this year! I found a this-year’s picture today.
Thank you,
Matilda Weiss