As with other areas related to health, Junior Gan Israel Day Camp has a firm policy regarding lice.


Junior Gan Israel staff members are screened for lice before they begin working.

Junior Gan Israel campers are routinely screened for lice on their first day of camp. You can avoid surprises and missing the first days of camp, by having your child screened in advance. To schedule an appointment to have your child screened in advance, please contact camp director Mrs. Zeesy Posner.

A camper found to have lice either on his first day, or anytime during the summer, needs to be picked up from camp right away. Parents are given a list of recommended resources to assist in clearing up the lice.

Before returning to camp, the camper must undergo 2 checks, 24 hours apart, by a camp certified lice screener. Only after 2 checks in which the camper is found to be 100% nits and lice free, may the camper return to camp. It is highly recommended that parents continue to check their child weekly for a month after their child has been infected.

If you suspect that your child has been exposed to lice, please do not send your child to camp before ascertaining that your child has not contacted lice. If your child has recently been in Israel, or been exposed to people who were recently in Israel, or been exposed to people who contacted lice, please do not send your child to camp before ascertaining that your child has not contracted lice. If you find that your child has contracted lice, either before or during the summer, it is imperative that you notify Mrs. Zeesy Posner immediately, so that precautions can be taken to avoid it spreading to other campers.

No refunds are given for absences or withdrawals from camp, including for absences or withdrawals due to lice, or for any other health related reasons.

If a family knowingly sends a child to camp with lice, or does not take reasonable precautions if their child had been exposed to lice (see above), the family is responsible to cover the costs incurred to contain the spread of the infection, such as repeat lice checks and lice abatement treatments. (This can unfortunately run into the thousands of dollars.)

Anyone can get lice, and contracting lice is not an indication of poor hygiene. In this community, it is more likely to happen in families who have recently been in Israel or have had contact with someone who has recently been in Israel. If your child falls into this category, please take extra precautions and have your child checked often. As in all areas, we honor the privacy of our campers and our campers’ families.