Cteen Junior's Jewish Essentials is a discussion group led by Rabbi Yochanan Posner. The conversation topics are chosen by the kids themselves so it follows their interests and needs. It will deal with practical aspects of Judaism at a more mature and thoughtful level than typical Bar/Bat Mitzvah lessons or Hebrew School, and it will approach the topics from a new angle and fresh perspective.

Jewish Essentials is for Jewish boys and girls, grades 6-8, and meets on Tuesdays, at 6:30 pm. Dinner is included in the costs.

Click here to RSVP - $15/week when you sign up for the entire year, or $20 per week pay as you go.

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What are the dates for Jewish Essentials?  
Click here to see the complete Cteen Junior Calendar for the year.

What kind of topics are discussed at Jewish Essentials? 

Revenge, Criticism, Judging favorably, Honoring Parents, Friendship, Peace, Socialist vs Capitalism, Social activism, Love 

Spiritual Struggle, Freedom, Anger, Leadership, Humility, Apathy, Spirituality, Reward, American Idol

Why Kosher, How Kosher, Shabbat Foods, Shabbat Food laws, Holiday Foods, Blessing on Foods, After Blessing, Jewish Ethnic Foods, Fast days

Birthday, Bris, Jewish name, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Marriage & Jewish Home, Golden Age (Retirement and Grandparents), End of Life, Death, Afterlife

Privacy, Honesty, Safe Social Media Use, Loyalty