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Cteen Junior Social is for Jewish boys or girls grades 6-8 or post Bar/Bat Mitzvah, who go to day school or public school.

Each "social" includes dinner, a fun and creative activity, a meaningful life lesson or idea from the Torah, and an opportunity for Jewish kids from different schools and backgrounds to socialize and be friends. 

The boys' meetings are led by Rabbi Yochanan Posner, and the girls' meetings by Yona Posner. 

Please don't hesitate to call us with any questions! 847 677 1770 ext. 2 for Rabbi Yochanan, and ext. 5 for Yona. 

Click here to RSVP - $16/session when you sign up for the entire year, or $20 per week pay as you go.

What are the dates for Cteen Junior Socials?  
Sticks & Stones - 9/24/19
Cupcake Wars - 11/5/19
It’s Electric! - 12/10/19
Top Secret Stuff - 2/18/20
Marble Run - 3/24/20
Excellent Explosions - 5/5/20

Click here to see the complete Cteen Junior Calendar for the year.