At JLI we know that the richness of Torah and its wisdom is exciting, even thrilling, and practically useful in life.

The Skokie Jewish Learning Institute offers classes at different times and dates, and classes are instructed by Rabbi Yochanan Posner. Topics vary from fun and entertaining to hot and controversial, and from deep and thoughtful to enigmatic and mysterious. Every course is packed with real, relevant information that will enhance your life, occupy your thoughts, and entertain your brain.

Rabbi Yochanan Posner's classes are popular because he combines good logic and solid reasoning with empathy and responsiveness, and he delivers it with passion and sincerity.

Course description
Most Jews are quick to say that Jewish values are important and are an integral part of what being Jewish means to them. Yet some are hard-pressed to define what Jewish values actually are or what is uniquely Jewish about them. 
Meanwhile, Judaism’s civil law and Talmudic analysis may seem like primarily intellectual pursuits involving so many words and mental exercises without meaningful purpose.
In fact, underlying all of the discussion and legalese of Talmud are uniquely Jewish values, which can be detected within the minutiae and intricacies of Talmudic discussions and halachic rulings.
Please join Rabbi Yochanan Posner for the new course Beyond Right from the Jewish Learning Institute. Over six weeks, this course combines an exploration of Jewish values with in-depth study of practical and contemporary Jewish law, to understand how the Torah’s civil laws are shaped by Jewish values, providing expression for lofty ideals.

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