Jew Crew Club at Niles North

created by
Jewish Association of Students  

Jew Crew has gone VIRTUAL! Even though school in not in-person and many clubs are not active, Jewish Association of Students has planned a full year of fun and meaningful activities. This club is breaking the zoom barrier, by delivering physical supplies and snacks to each students home to make each club meeting a multi-sensory experience. All you have to do is reserve in advance.

Please follow us on or to stay  in the loop with the most current activities. 

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This club invites Jewish teens to explore their religious heritage and encourage each other to learn about their faith, as well as to practice and to provide a safe place to discuss issues and topics of specific relevance to the Jewish faith. This club is also a resource to educate non- Jews about Judaism, with the goal of reducing Antisemitism.

Jew Crew meets several times a month for discussions and creative activities. Jew Crew is cosponsored by Dr. Ann Zavell and Rabbi Yochanan Posner. For more information contact Dr. Zavell at Niles North High School  x2358

Click here to download the flyer (PDF).

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