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Ronen Lavi, Cteen
Ronen Lavi was born in Skokie, Illinois to his proud parents Sharone and Hilla Lavi. Ronen plays many active leadership roles in his community and is a role model to his peers. He is a Senior Leader to freshmen, the ICJA Student Council President, and Cteen President of course! Ronen enjoys spending time with friends, whether that be on the basketball court or at Cteen. He has been on the Cteen Board for four years, his first three as a board member and the latter as President. Ronen looks forward to taking the skills and inspiration he has gained at Cteen with him next year in Israel, where he will be studying in Bet Shemesh, Israel.

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Jesse Goldberg, Cteen Junior
Jesse Judah Goldberg lives in West Rogers Park, Illinois, with his parents Natasha and Mitchell Goldberg and his three siblings Rachel, Zachary, and Abby. He is a homeschooler in seventh grade. He is currently learning Shmuel, Judges, and Joshua, Pirkei Avot, and Iggeret HaRamban with his family and rabbis. He is naturally optimistic and is always an enthusiastic volunteer for programs at Congregation Ezras Israel, Maot Chitim, Boy Scout Troop 62, and other organizations in the community. He likes hanging out with his friends, playing and watching football, cooking, and is interested in nature photography, and of course, enjoys Cteen Junior A LOT! Jesse looks forward to continuing to participate in Cteen Junior and eventually Cteen as he gets older.