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Junior Gan Israel Day Camp is staffed by a full complement of successful early childhood educators who have worked extensively with preschool-age children. Your child will receive individualized attention and care in a loving, Jewish environment. We are very proud of our Division Heads, each of whom is a dedicated and capable professional educator.

All of our Division Heads are certified in emergency health procedures. Certification is provided by,

If you are seeking a staff position, please click here:

To help your child adjust to camp, there will be an Orientation Session on Sunday (the day before camp starts), from 11:00 a.m. - noon. This will provide your child with the opportunity to get acquainted with our facilities and staff. We strongly encourage you to bring your child, even if he has been to camp before.

  • Please bring your child without siblings in order for him/her  to get the most out of Orientation.
  • If your child has particular needs, or if there are any issues that call for in-depth discussion, please phone your child's Division Head. We want to talk with you, but during Orientation there will not be time for long conversations.
  • If your child will be attending the Afternoon Enrichment Program, be sure to visit both the morning and afternoon rooms.  (Some full-day campers will be in one room the entire day, and some will switch rooms for Afternoon Enrichment.)
  • If this is your child’s first experience in camp, and the Sunday Orientation is not sufficient to acclimate your child, please call your child’s Division Head to schedule an additional orientation session. Parents of campers in the Bright Beginnings Program are especially encouraged to schedule an additional visit.
  • At starting time on the first day of camp we will ask all parents to please leave.
  • If your child will be attending second session only, please call your child's Division Head to schedule a visit before your child's first day.

Carpooling & Camp-Provided Transportation:
Please help reduce traffic congestion by carpooling or utilizing camp-provided transportation. If you are not utilizing camp-provided transportation, please fill out the Pickup Information Form completely and accurately, and give it to your child’s Division Head at the Orientation.  Camp-provided transportation to and from camp is available for a fee and by prior arrangement only. 

Arrival & Dismissal
The door for Junior Gan Israel is door number 2, which is on the south side of the building, and which leads directly into our wing.

Please bring your child no earlier than 9:25 and no later than 9:40 each morning. We request that you do not remain beyond 9:45.
There are two options for drop-off:
1. Walk your child into the building yourself: Enter the parking lot, which is on the east side of the building, from Oakton Street eastbound. If this parking lot is full you may park on Dodge Avenue.  Enter through door number 2, and go to your child's room. 
2. A counselor escorts your child from your car to their room: Park on Dodge Street near door number 2. Take your child out of the car, and wait for a counselor to escort them to their room. This service ends at 9:40 am.
If you come at a time that is not drop-off time or pick-up time and the door is locked, you may call our cell phone and a camp staff person will let you in.

Please pick up your child promptly at 12:00, 1:00 or 3:30. Doors open 5 minutes before dismissal. There is a charge for unscheduled late pick-ups.
There are two options for pick-up:
1. Park in the parking lot and come get your child.
2. Park on Dodge Street near door number 2, and wait for a counselor to ask you who you are picking up, and then escort your child to your car.

Safety Reminders
-If parked on the street, children should get in and out of the car using the passenger side, even though there is a bicycle path.
-Please do not double park.
-Please do not park in the spaces reserved for the principal and vice-principal, or the handicapped space unless you have a placard.
-When parking, exiting and entering your car, be careful not to disrupt the flow of traffic. 
-Please respect all traffic rules. 

Your Child's Stuff
Please provide your child with the following:

  • Shoes that can be put on and taken off easily, - preferably slip on or velcro. No Crocs or flip-flops, please.
  •  Gym shoes (not sandals) when your child is scheduled for Sports or Gymnastics. 
  • A change of clothing in a zip-lock bag, labeled clearly with your child's name, to be left in camp. 
  • A picture of your child to help him identify his cubby.
  • If your child is not toilet trained - a package of diapers and a package of swim diapers, with your child's name on both packages.  
  •  Boys over the age of 3 are encouraged to wear kipot and tzitzit. Your son’s name should be clearly marked inside his kipah.
  • A coin for Tzedakah each day. Your child can have this in his pocket or taped to his shirt.
  • If your child is attending Afternoon Enrichment, please also provide a picture, change of clothing, diapers, and swim diapers (if necessary) for your child's Afternoon Enrichment room. 
  • Swim things - please read details below. 

Please bring to the Orientation all items that are to be left in camp, so that everything will be ready for the first day. Everything your child brings to camp must be CLEARLY AND ACCURATELY labeled, e.g. kipot, hats, jackets, towels, bathing suits, etc. Please do not send any unnecessary or valuable items to camp as things do get lost.

Please put waterproof sunscreen on your child before sending him to camp in the morning. 

Food and Allergy Info
Our camp is a nut free zone. Please do not send your child to camp with any foods that contain nuts, including peanut butter.

All campers are provided with snacks, and drinks are provided throughout the day.

Please send lunches from home for your child. Please note: Food from home must be in a clearly labeled bag or lunch box. Send food that will remain fresh at room temperature. Food must be kosher. For most children, a sandwich and two other food items are sufficient. All children are served water at lunchtime.

If your child has allergies, please contact Camp Director Mrs. Zeesy Posner at 847-677-1770 # 1, to discuss your child's particular needs. If your child is gluten or lactose intolerant, special lunch food can be provided, by prior arrangement only. 

Mitzvah Notes
Feel free to send "Mitzvah Notes" to camp, so your child can be praised for the good things he does.

Swimming and Sun Safety

Please provide your child with: a bathing suit, towel (or robe), and water shoes or splash sandals. Expanding Horizons campers go to Oakton Water Playground for private swim time, and all campers enjoy our Water Wonderland at camp. The printable calendar tells you which days your camper needs swim gear at camp. 

Bright Beginnings campers need swim gear at camp daily for water play at camp. Expanding Horizons campers go to Oakton Water Playground for private swim time. In addition, Expanding Horizons campers sometimes have water play at camp on days that are not shown as swim days on the calendar. You will be notified of water play days in advance so that your child can come prepared with swim gear.

Expanding Horizons campers need water shoes that can be worn on the bus to Oakton Water Playground, in the water, and then on the bus back to camp. Flip flops, Crocs , and most sandals cannot be worn to the pool, as they do not stay on when the children go in the water. If you want your child well covered while swimming, provide your child with a swim shirt or a full body swim suit (or swim dress), but not a cotton tee shirt. Please provide swim things and a back-pack that are clearly labeled, and easily recognized by your child. 

Please put waterproof sunscreen on your child before sending him to camp in the morning. 

Birthday Celebrations
If you would wish to celebrate your child's birthday in camp, contact your child's Division Head.

If you suspect that your child has been exposed to Covid or has Covid, please notify Mrs. Zeesy Posner immediately, so that appropriate measures can be taken. Please do not bring your child back to camp until cleared to do so by your medical professional and Mrs. Zeesy Posner.

If you suspect that your child is in any way not well, please do not send him to camp.
If your child has had fever or has vomited, please allow 24 hours to pass before bringing your child back to camp.
Before sending your child back after any sickness, please ascertain that his condition is not contagious, and that he is well enough to enjoy camp.

As with other areas related to health, Junior Gan Israel Day Camp has a firm policy regarding lice. Junior Gan Israel staff members are screened for lice before they begin working, and campers are routinely screened for lice on their first day of camp.  Click here to read the full details.

Security Procedures
Junior Gan Israel continuously assesses and strengthens security measures needed to ensure the safety of our campers and staff. We carefully follow all safety and security procedures and recommendations. 
Children are permitted to be picked up from camp only by those listed on the Pickup Information Sheet filled out by the parents for each individual camper. If a parent wants to authorize an additional person to pick up a camper, or to cancel someone already given authority, the parent needs to be in contact with Camp Director Mrs. Zeesy Posner, or the camper’s Division Head

We post pictures of campers on our website and social media accounts, and use some pictures of campers each year in our promotional materials. Of course, no names are used. If you object to having your child’s image seen, please notify Mrs. Zeesy Posner.