Antisemitism is real.
There are people who actually hate us for being Jews, and they may act on it at times, even in today’s liberal and enlightened world. 
Our Jewishness is not defined by antisemitism, but we also cannot ignore it.

Please join Rabbi Yochanan Posner for a course on the subject on antisemitism.

This course is not about fear mongering or woeful history or studying any particular malevolent individual or movement.

This course is about revealing actionable methods for overcoming hatred of Jews with confidence, optimism, faith, and profound Jewishness. Study source texts from the Torah and examine real case studies, to discover wise and practical strategies for beating antisemitism.

Please join Rabbi Yochanan Posner for a four session course about the growing problem of antisemitism, and how to defeat it. This course is called Outsmarting Antisemitism! You don’t want to miss it.

This is your chance to learn about all of this from the Torah!