Jewish Learning Institute Spring 2007 Course
How our past informs our future.



In his parting instructions to his people, Moses stresses the importance of historical perspective, for the present is an outgrowth of our past. By studying history, we are able to relate to current issues with greater understanding.

As we struggle to co-exist in a multicultural society, grappling with the rise of anti-Semitism and the threat of Jihad, remember that as Jews we have faced these difficult challenges before. Join us at the crossroads of history as we look back to ancient Greece, Islamic Spain, and Christian Europe, in an attempt to understand where we are headed today. The protean ability of the Jewish people to adapt to wildly different contexts has growing relevance to all of us as we enter an era of globalization and increasingly permeable borders.

Each of the six lessons considers the Jewish people as they grapple with surrounding cultures. Rather than focus on the geopolitical, we have kept an eye towards themes that resonate with contemporary Jewish experience. We expect even those students who do not consider themselves history enthusiasts to find the readings compelling and relevant. Most importantly, we lead our students to reflect on what the past means to them as Jews today.

Six weeks beginning April 26, 2007. Click here to register.