The Cteen Mural was created during a long summer of Corona-related restrictions, by Skokie teens of the Jewish youth group Skokie Cteen, with the guidance of known pop artist Yitzchok Moully.

This lively mural depicts an open book with letters of the Hebrew alphabet dancing among neon streams of light. The letters appear to leap off the wall towards the viewer, an invitation to engage with a vibrantly joyful and energetic Judaism, by studying the Torah and other Jewish texts.

On a broader level the mural is meant to convey a sense of purpose and meaningful presence to the viewer, which can be achieved by reading and studying any worthwhile topic.

The Cteen Mural reminds the viewer that every person has a unique mission and important role to play in this world. Similarly even the bricks of an office building must play their part in the mission of transforming and uplifting the world around us.