To help your child adjust to camp, there will be an Orientation Session, which you can attend with your child. It will be held at camp, on Sunday (the day before camp starts), from 11:00 a.m. - noon. This will provide your child with the opportunity to get acquainted with our facilities and staff. We strongly encourage you to bring your child, even if he has been to camp before.

  • Please bring your child without siblings in order for him/her  to get the most out of Orientation.
  • If your child is in Bright Beginnings, please contact his/her division head to schedule a time slot for during Orientation.
  • If your child has particular needs, or if there are any issues that call for in-depth discussion, please phone your child's Division Head. We want to talk with you, but during Orientation there will not be time for long conversations.
  • If your child will be attending the Afternoon Enrichment Program, be sure to visit both the morning and afternoon rooms.
  • If this is your child’s first experience in camp, and the Sunday Orientation is not sufficient to acclimate your child, please call your child’s Division Head to schedule an additional orientation session. Parents of campers in the Bright Beginnings Program are especially encouraged to schedule an additional visit.
  • At starting time on the first day of camp we will ask all parents to please leave.
  • If your child will be attending second session only, please call your child's Division Head to schedule a visit before your child's first day.