Photos from 2010
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Junior Gan Israel
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Photos from 2010

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Rave Reviews
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This camp is so organized, it is truly wonderful. My daughter absolutely loves it.

Mrs. Elissa Emanuel, June 2019

School has been tough for my guy. At camp, he's the happiest I've seen him in the last 3 years.

Name withheld upon request, July 2, 2019

She is so excited to go every morning. She begs me every morning - "Take me to camp! Take me to camp!" When a kid begs to go every day, you know it is really good and she is having a great time. And I'm happy because she is happy!

Mrs. Tobi Kost, July 24, 2019

As a counselor for 4 summers, I can attest to the smiles and fun that keep me coming back. Additionally, the professional and caring division heads gave me the experience and knowledge a first job should.

Sarah Mina Rubin, August 9, 2019

This is a very professionally run camp. I really like it. It's fun. You have everything here. You should run a camp for grandmothers like me.

Mrs. Raizel Hershkowitz, January 2019

Speaking as a teacher and as a mother, you will not find a higher quality camp anywhere! That is why I rave about Junior Gan Israel.

Mrs. Elkie Wolf, January 2019

This camp is on the next level. It is amazing. I have had only wonderful experiences all the years we have sent to Junior Gan Israel.

Mrs. Rochel Leah Ben-Zev, January 2019