Being Jewish is FUN!

Fun and Meaningful
 We want Jewish children to take pride in their identity and to experience the joy of Judaism tangibly. Each week, we engage the kids with creative and relevant hands-on lessons and interactive learning. Torah values and mitzvot come alive in a practical way, the children feel at home, and this lays the foundation for a lifetime of positive involvement.

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In their own words
Students in their own words:
"My favorite part was all the fun crafts, and the stories of Jewish holidays" - E.Z., 10 years old

"I liked learning about my soul and staying connected to Hashem" - N.S., 12 years old

"My favorite part was singing the Tzedakah song" - A.T., 7 years old

"Thanks to my mom for bringing me to this special Hebrew School! I had so much fun." - S.C., 11 years old

"I liked learning the Aleph Bet!" - R.G., 5 years old

So Awesome! I especially liked when we did kosher cooking." - E.T., 9 years old

"I'm so happy I get to come back next year with my Jewish friends" - S.S., 8 years old

Educate Your Child... Educate a Generation