Being Jewish is FUN!

Fun and Meaningful
Jewish children experience the joy of Judaism at Skokie Chabad Hebrew School. Each week, students engage in creative and relevant hands-on lessons and interactive learning. Torah values and mitzvot come alive for students, and Jewish Holidays and Chagim are celebrated with food, crafts, and tangible experiences. This enrichment sets them up for a lifetime of positive Jewish engagement.

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In their own words
Students in their own words:
I liked doing the graffiti art - A.W.
Learning Hebrew was my favorite - A.T.
We did a lot of baking. I liked that. - L.A.
I liked learning about Sukkot and the holidays - C.F.
I liked learning the Aleph Bet - A.M.
It was intersting learning about Jewish holidays I didn't know about before - M.E.
I really liked the Aleph Champ and earning medals - Y.W.
Making stuff was so fun - A.W.

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