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Throughout your life, you will have many missions. What have you completed, and what is there to begin at this new stage of life?
We depend on our touchstones: psychological security, a stable income, protection from crime. Clothing, food, warm shelter
A Metaphorical Journey Into Pleasure and Acceptance
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Infusing Meaning Into Everyday Moments
My Journey as a Convert
A Sukkot Lesson

Dear readers,

Ever notice that there are some people who just always seem to be happy? No matter their circumstance, no matter what is happening in their lives, they always seem more easygoing. There is a certain contentedness in who and what they are and what is going on in their lives. It’s almost like they are surrounded by a cloud of equanimity.

And then there are people (like me!) who...

Over the years my parents had to adjust to the reality that their youngest daughter was religiously rebellious. While other teenagers were out on Friday night dates, I was lighting candles and reading my “Jewish” bible.
— From a Baptist Church to an Orthodox Synagogue
Handy Household Hacks
Ice-Cube Tray Uses

Use ice-cube trays to store and organize small crafts and desk accessories like paper clips, beads, buttons or thumb tacks.


Peace cannot be attained through violence. It can only be accomplished through understanding.

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