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About Skokie CTeen:

At Cteen we offer a warm and wholesome environment for all Jewish teens. Cteen is the place for kids to relax and connect with one another while experiencing Judaism in a relevant and stimulating fashion.

We invite teens for innovative, exciting events and relevant programming based on authentic Torah wisdom including weekly meetings, monthly Shabbat dinners, occasional trips, Jtext trivia, high school clubs, and opportunities to volunteer and do for others.

CTeen increases Jewish awareness and pride, and helps our youth appreciate the richness of our beautiful traditions. By building strong relationships and fostering leadership skills, we are growing the Jewish leaders of tomorrow.

Cteen is for high school boys and girls.
Cteen Junior is for boys and girls in grades 6-8.

About the Cteen network:
The worldwide CTeen network spans 29 countries with over 500 chapters. The Cteen mission is based on the Lubavitcher Rebbe's approach to teens and children, and the belief that the power of the youth can change the world!