During Covid restrictions, Cteen Skokie has pivoted our our programming to stay connected and give teens a feeling of normal life wherever possible.

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CTeen Skokie's Monthly Shabbat Dinner!

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The warm TGIS Shabbat Experience is when we enjoy a fun & meaningful Shabbat dinner followed by farbrengen and games. 

Spend time together with new & old friends, and get that cozy Cteen feeling!

 Dates for 2021-2022 (Click here for complete Cteen calendar)
  • 9/10/21
  • 10/22/21
  • 12/17/21
  • 1/7/22
  • 2/4/22
  • 2/24/22-2/27/22  INTERNATIONAL  NYC Shabbaton 
  • 3/11/22
  • 4/1/22
  • 5/6/22


Dedicated in loving memory of Zavi Olive לע"נ אברהם זאב ז"ל בן משה זלמן שי' הלוי