Do you know about CteenU?

At CteenU high school students study ideas from the Torah that are relevant to them, and earn college credits!

CteenU is offered in partnership with Yeshiva University, and is instructed locally by Rabbi Yochanan Posner.

Rabbi Yochanan Posner connects with teens on their level, and brings their Judaism to life. At CteenU students are encouraged to ask questions, discuss, and make their learning real and personal.

Students earn 2 private college credits, and more importantly, they will enjoy studying Torah meaningfully, and advance academically.

CteenU credits are accepted by many colleges throughout the country, including University of Illinois, Indiana, Madison, Ohio State, and many more highly selective schools, state colleges, liberal arts colleges, public flagships, and specialized programs.

Times and dates for classes are chosen by the students; together they choose times that work for everyone. Classes currently meet over Zoom.
There are total of 16 sessions of 75 minutes each, 14 classes and 2 exams. There is no homework. 

For more information visit, or contact Rabbi Yochanan Posner at 847 677 1770 x 302