Jtext Weekly Trivia 

Every Monday and Thursday at 7pm, we send out a Jewish trivia question. The 18th person* to answer correctly wins a $20 gift card to Amazon!  

To join this twice-weekly Jewish texting game, teens can text "cteenskokie" to 847 232 6161. Happy Jtexting! 

Jtext Raffle

Every time you answer Jtext, you earn points! 5 points for getting the answer correct (even if you don't win). Even if the answer is incorrect, you still get 1 point just for trying.What do we do with the points? We turn them into raffle tickets for the Jtext Raffle, which takes place at the annual Cteen Gala. Teens must be present at the gala to enter and win the Jtext raffle.
General info about the 2022 Cteen gala is here: www.Skokiechabad.org/CteenGala
General info about the 2022 Jtext raffle is here: https://youtube.com/shorts/-7ouk2IYReo