Please join us for a special event celebrating Skokie Cteen! 

The Cteen Gala is an invigorating and refreshing event comprised of live and onscreen components, youthful energy, and all the hallmarks of Skokie Cteen's beloved annual gala. Join us and experience a magical and memorable evening.

The Cteen Gala is for friends and supporters of Skokie Cteen and Skokie Chabad; for the teens and their families; and for anyone who wants to be uplifted by today's youth, who are already transforming the world with goodness and kindness.

June 1, 2022
6:30 PM

Jac Copeland, Cteen
Riva Weiss, Cteen
Zach Loewenstern, Cteen Junior

Installation of 2022-2023 Cteen Leadership Board
Jtext Raffle & Prizes

The teens of Skokie Cteen

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What you can expect at the Cteen Gala: 

  • Elegant decor & dinner. 
  • An engaging and fresh program with big screen & live components.
  • Exciting energy of Cteen.
  • The warm fuzzy feelings that come from celebrating good things.


Event committee:
David and Amanda Copeland
Jacob and Rachel Jakofsky
Avi and Amanda Loewenstern
David and Tami Miller

Skokie Cteen Directors:
Rabbi Yochanan and Yona Posner