Aleph Champ

Hebrew reading skills are taught using internationally acclaimed Aleph Champ, which provides motivation and inspiration for students to succeed at their own pace. Children can enter the program at any level of competence, from zero letter recognition all the way through reading fluently, and be proud of their measurable progress.

Below, please find the break-down of the levels so you can see your child’s progress.  Children are tested several times a year and move up a level whenever ready. At the end of the year we celebrate the children's progress at our Closing Ceremony (per calendar)

We are happy to provide review pages if your child is motivated to practice at home during the week.

Aleph Champion Levels
White: Master first 18 letters of Aleph Bet
Red: Master all 32 letters of Aleph Bet
Orange: Master first 3 vowels with their letter combinations
Yellow: Master first 6 vowels with their letter combinations
Green: Master first 9 vowels with their letter combinations
Blue: Master all vowels and exceptions
Purple: Master basic prayers
Brown: Master reading higher level prayers
Grey: Master reading from the siddur in timed fashion
Black: Master reading 100 words per minute correctly