On Shabbat and Yom Tov, at the Torah reading, prayers are offered for the sick and ill. The names of specific individuals are mentioned by name, and we ask G‑d to heal them. Traditionally, congregants whisper names to the Gabbai (sexton), and he repeats the names as part of the prayer service called  Misheberach. Some people are sick for extended periods of time, and their names were kept on a list to be mentioned regularly by the Gabbai.

In effort to make our Misheberach system efficient, this is the procedure:

1.    When the Gabbai recites the Misheberach, he pauses at the point when the names are to be said and anyone present can silently say the names of any people for whom the wish to pray.

2.    For those who are unable to be present in person at that time we continue to accept names via the website, and we will arrange for someone to say these names at the proper time. We will do so following these guidelines:
a. Names should be submitted via our website before 2:00pm on Friday, Erev Shabbat.
c. If, for some reason, it wasn't possible to submit names in advance online, please contact someone who will be present such as one of the Rabbis or a Gabbai and give them the names. We strongly encourage everyone to use our website.

If your computer is Hebrew enabled you may complete the form below in Hebrew, otherwise transliterate the Hebrew names into English phonetically. Click here for instructions on enabling Hebrew on your computer.


Misheberach Form

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