Rabbi Yosef Posner
Rabbi and Director
Rabbi Posner has been the Rabbi at Lubavitch Chabad of Skokie since its creation in 1982, and is available to answer your questions at any time. Rabbi Posner is best known for his superior intellect and razor-sharp wit.

Mrs. Zeesy Posner
Early ChildhoodJunior Gan Israel - Shabbat Children's Program
Mrs. Posner founded Junior Gan Israel Day Camp in 1981. Since that year, the camp has grown and now boasts an average of 150 kids every summer. She is the coordinator of our shul’s children’s events, and runs the Shabbat Morning Treat program every week.

Rabbi Sholom B. Raices
Mashpia Ruchni
Rabbi Raices is best known for his easy smile and twinkling eyes. He is jovial and friendly, and would like nothing more than to sit with you and farbreng at our Shabbat Kiddush. Our resident Baal Koreh and chazzan, this means you get to hear him read the Torah every Shabbat.

Mrs. Rivka Raices
Women’s Events and Sisterhood
Mrs. Rivka Raices’s enthusiastic approach to life is warming. She is always ready to greet people with a smile and invite them in. Mrs. Raices is coordinater of the monthly Lunch N’ Learn for Women.

Rabbi Yochanan Posner
Events and Education
Rabbi Yochanan Posner is quick to greet everyone he encounters! Rabbi Yochanan is the man responsible for (among others) Holiday celebrations and awareness programs, guest lecturers, and Friday night dinners. Some of us refer to him as the leader of the so-called ‘Intrepid New Events’ committee.

Mrs. Yona Posner
Women’s Events and Sisterhood, Holiday Event Programming
Yona Posner is director of the Shabbat morning children's program and coordinator of hands-on workshops and Holiday events for Women, as well as Holiday celebrations and other special events.