I heard that You had flown away
From the tiny cobbled space
Where I perform my daily chores.

So I searched, but could not find
The comfort of Your soothing sight
Or see Your face to know that all was right.

I looked in vain on top of mountains high
That touched the cloud filled skies;
And I sought You deep beside the valleys far below
Where oracles, who claimed to know
The future of our days, would only sigh.
But nowhere could I find a sign that said
To where it was that You had fled.

And then I looked into my heart
And knew that You were there,
Pulling gently on my hand to show
The way that I should go
To find the place where You had hid
Amid the unkempt gardens of my soul.

So I learned that what I need to do
Is listen to the quiet voice inside;
And You will come unbid to make me whole.

- Finding the Light of G‑d, page 33