G‑d is not an object

We have lost in buried Earth;

He rather is a journey

To find our greatest worth.

We are all, yet we are one

Singular in who we be.

Unique in what we have to do 

True to all we see.


We are flawed and need to leave

The lies we live with by the day.

And hear instead the voice of G‑d

To gain our piece of Paradise.


G‑d is not a metaphor,

A construct made by men.

But a being who has desire

To build a place for them.

God’s plan was to make with man

Partners in His world.

Someone to direct the way

They could act as friends.  


But hubris is the flaw of man

Who think that they should rule.

To take from others what they want

And distribute out the rest.


But G‑d has very different plans;

It’s not to rule the weak,

But to strengthen those He meets.

To weave their strength

With others’ strengths

To make us better men.


Man must know

Might comes from G‑d.

If only they believed.

To lose our faith in the divine

Will only make us fail.

This prophecy comes from the voice

G‑d has left behind.


But to make those changes faith demands

Takes numbers more than one

So each man must find other souls

Whose life will round out His.

With virtue lacking in his own

He needs to find another one

Which helps make him more.


His hubris makes him want to rule

With eyes devoid of truth

So G‑d gave to him but little power

With failures net result.


To have the future change for good

We need to change ourselves;

Change must start with who we are,

Not beyond the stars.


In Eden by idyllic brooks

G‑d made a place of peace

When all was quiet

Nothing changed

And choices were constrained,

But knowing that this

Would bring on greed,

G‑d willed another way.


G‑d became a river,

Flowing through our lives,

Exposing both the good and bad

Allowing us to modify,

To alter futures we might have,

So in the end our world could change

From dark to happy days.    


We are all, yet we are one

Unique in what we have to do 

True to all that we’ve become.

I weave my soul with you.

Perhaps in this, from our debris,

We’ll find a better way.


Find your way to clear blue skies

To start a journey new

Where all is fresh

And we can change in ways

That G‑d might choose.

To help our fellow men

To lead beyond themselves

To create a better land.

To fill our destinies,

In helping those around.

To live in gratitude

To discover what I need to know

So all of us will our lives

In song and harmony.


With each to add

To all our strengths

With each to add to love

And with each act of kindness

To bring Heaven from above.

- Finding the Light of G‑d, pages 9-12