I’m not it, and it’s not me

Yet it creates both you and We.

From wisps of earth and air behind

It simulates what’s in Our minds.


To hide the way to happiness

Where we find a peace we seek

Wrapped in people that we love

Saving some who wish to flee.


Rescuing them from drowning seas

Securing all they need.

Transforming souls between us all

Teaching us to see.


This is the G‑d we make together.

And find in parts and more.

Stitched together in little pieces,

Revolving around a core.


He brought together all of us

But trusts we’ll do His will;

But our wills sometimes go astray

And our targets often missed.


He created us to build His world

To eliminate the strife

By having us cooperate

In a master plan of life.


And as each of us proceeds ahead,

Helping those behind

By strengthening what we find weak,

Preserving virtue that we find.


We are all, yet we are one

Singular in whom we be

Unique in what we have to do

So we can overcome

And weave that which needs to change

Because they no longer speak to us,

And weave together you and me.

To make better Souls from our debris.

To create a process to repent.


From what we find I hope to learn

Of futures which are not yours nor mine

But one described as simply Ours

To produce a path that’s good and just.


Find your way to clear blue skies

To start a journey of return

With actions that G‑d chooses

To form a life with Him.


In Tshuvah lies the answers

To change the souls we have

To lose the selfishness within.

To fill our destiny.


Our G‑d is real as a sun

Without apologetics when day is done.

To shine in helping those around,

Placing us on solid ground.


Not to think of our reward

But the gifts we owe to Him

For granting a most lovely world

To live in gratitude.

To discover what I need to know

To help my fellow man

To lead him then beyond themselves

To create a better land.

With each to add to strength

With each to add to love

And with each act to fellow man

To bring down Heaven from above.


G‑d is not an abstract thought

But real as the sun and moon

He is not a metaphor

But a real G‑d depending on

That which needs occurs.