Every action that occurs
Ripples through the universe
Changing all that we might view,
As our world is made anew.

It is His law that will endure
Amid the stars that fill the sky
Among the winds that gently blow
By placid rivers as they flow
To water grasses that will grow.

So it is, with life as well;
The human laws that He decreed
Will dictate what results will be
In everything that we achieve.

But how to learn the way that’s best,
To find the way that we should go,
To clearly see the role we have,
In bringing love and happiness?

Life’s journey is not an easy one;
Ways we thought would be quite straight,

Have hurdles placed at many turns,
Producing pain that’s oft unearned;
Since He’s the author of it all
And all our souls are part of Him
We need to look inside ourselves
To find the place where we begin.

He plays a song that we can hear,
If we but listen quietly;
Music with uneven beats,
And quickly changing melodies;
It is, you see, a song of life
To which we dance in harmony.
Between our souls, behind the veil,
There are trails connecting us;
That is where our search must start
To find the work that will prevail.

We must follow, best we can,
Around the bends where each road goes,
Perhaps with others, though oft alone,
As our end remains unknown.

From winter meadows lit with snow
To canyon lands where raw winds howl
And fill our ears with jarring sounds
As people shiver in the cold.

While waltzing near some quiet brook
Now and then we find a spot
Where we can find a little peace 
Enjoying there the things we’ve got.

Sometimes we’re lost on long detours,
Unsure of where we find ourselves,
Affecting all who cross our life,
Including some we’ve not yet met.

Traveling with incessant doubts,
With each caress or blow we give,
Bringing blessing or discord,
We form our own realities.

We want to find the route that’s best
Going to the Promised Land,
To accomplish what we think He wants,
Although we might not understand.

Because He is a part of me,
My soul knows what I have to do
To go beyond the cheap clichés
To tell me how to fill my days.

Sometimes in evil there is good,
If only it is understood;
So G‑d has given us the time
To repair the damage that we find;

By helping others that we know,
We change the road that we are on.
The life we get is the one deserved,
Since we all have a will that’s free,
And those decisions that we make
Create the future every day.

Soaring through the universe
Beyond those things that we might see,
Our deeds continue past our time
Affecting all eternity.

- Finding the Light of G‑d, pages 25-28