Our souls are but a part of He
Whose breath supports our wobbly world
And gives to it that brilliant light
In which we creatures can delight;
Those sights of ancient sunlit seas,
Meadows with their quiet grace,
Wooded space with graceful trees.
This paradise that He has made.

Yet we, not He, will sometimes fail,
And then our light becomes quite dim,
Filtered through our greed and lies,
Reduced still more by other sins,
Instead of warmth, a winter’s dusk
With barren trees as it grows cold,
So in despair we cry to Him.

And since we find ourselves alone,
We question Him where He has been.
It is not He who tarried long,
But we who find ourselves so late,
Leaving us and all our friends
To the winds of random fate.

He sees us through the darkened skies
Unmoved by our hypocrisies
And waits for us to reach inside
And plead to Him in word and deed
To make our world as it should be.

If we but find the strength within,
With other souls that resonate,
Acknowledging our common task
And simply do, as He has asked
To create within the lives we lead
A time without contentious strife.
Where justice, peace, and love prevail,
Then we will find Him at our side.

- Finding the Light of G‑d, pages 29-30