We can’t refuse the life assigned
Or the journey it will take;
And no one is a passive guest
When their Being is at stake.

G‑d has given us the tools we need
To shape our days ahead;
Since what will be is in our hands
By the choices that we make.

But choice can be a thorny thing,
Because some paths perceived,
Might destroy the world we love
With great catastrophes.

Tomorrow’s neither bleak nor bright
Until our light shines through
With the choices that we make
By choosing false or true.

To see the way, to comprehend,
What we have to know
To find the path that we will need
To reach our final goal.

Because we are a part of G‑d
And He a part of us
We need to reach inside ourselves
To see what He will bless,

The worlds we know of Earth
And stars are beautiful and true.
And we should show our thanks
To Him in loving gratitude-
By giving hope and helping those
That we find on our way,
And never to deny the joys
We live with every day.

Others should take heart from us
And see what we can see -
And know that G‑d is present here
In mankind’s destiny.

All will see that He exists
And we owe Him everything.
For all the good that we receive
And the delights that life can bring

- Finding the Light of G‑d, pages 35 and 36