When I was born G‑d lent to me
A soul to be uniquely me;
He also gave a will that’s free
To craft the path that I would choose
Bestowing purpose that I then own.      .

He did not promise extra life
Or guarantee great happiness.
But, if I did what He felt right,
My joy in life would then suffice.

He also wove a lovely world
From which we take, as we deserve,
Depending on how much we give
To the others with whom we serve.

For eighty years I’ve struggled through,
Learning how to be myself.
And with some help from others too
I gained some wisdom of the rest.

Occasionally I lost my way.
I did some deeds of which I’m ashamed.
But as I learned that I was wrong
I did atone as best I could
And in the process found myself,
Forgiven by a loving G‑d.

Friends and family surrounded me,
In love and need of reciprocity.
They taught me in so many ways
The ancient virtues as I aged.

For many years I had a wife
Who conjured magic in our lives
And raised our children when I was gone
To build for us a pleasant home.

Now my children have grown old
And in their lives they honor me
By being honest in how they live,
Treating others decently
While giving aid to those in need.

My friends oft taught me other things,
Like courage, honor, humility.
To stand my ground inside the ring
To seek my freedom so I might choose
To do the right and moral things.

As a result, as time went by,
In days of hope I still could find
Integrity in the life I led,
And purpose which G‑d had in mind.

So do not grieve me when I die,
But celebrate the life I’ve had
Tell some stories if you like
Or even lie if that would help
To improve another’s way of life.

Or perhaps please sing a song I loved
For I have lived a life most blessed,
And death is merely my next step.
Granted by the One above.

My task is now, as it was before
To find the purpose G‑d wants for me
To heal the world that He has formed
And complete it ‘ere He brings me home

- Finding the Light of G‑d, pages 39 through 41