Over that which once we prayed
Polluted waters start to break.
Grayness reigns as light recedes
From the sun that we perceive;
And in its place a cold air sweeps,
Replacing warmth with callous greed.
As for those who claim to lead
Among we fools who’ve lost our way;
They lie with a deceptive phrase,
And do not care who might be hurt.

Hear the rumble of what is next
As they replenish what they spend
Continuing to enrich themselves
As they grab for power and more cash.
Unless we find a way to change
And return to virtues that are gone
These evils which they’ve brought to us
May place our world beyond repair
And leave us on the lowest rung
With chaos, death and more despair.

It’s important to reverse these trends
In people who can only count
The value of their bank accounts
And not the values in their hearts.

Any fool can pound his chest
And give away another’s wealth
Or send young men away to death
And say that there’s no other way.

We need to find some other men
Who value life as free men should:
By happiness of those they love
Amid the joys that they can share.

They are not men who foment fear
Or seek for wealth just for themselves
But feel compelled to lead the way
For friends for whom they truly care.

So what it is we need to do?
To change ourselves to better men
And encourage others who we know
To find the love that’s in our hearts.

- Finding the Light of G‑d, pages 50 and 51