Before the Beginning, there only was He,
A vast flowing River where all things would be;
All was potential without good or strife.
All was unbounded with nothing defined.

But a world without boundaries has nothing to give,
Never a purpose for which one could live;
And purpose for all, was part of His plan
In creating a partner that He would dub man.

He desired a world which could be sustained
With help and hard work by those He’d create:
Where this creature He made would learn what to do
To heal the large breaches He knew would ensue.

But to do such a task would take a great skill
Requiring conscience that allows for great risk.
It would need to make choices from those that are best
But to do so implies a freedom of Will.

The creature is useful to G‑d for His task
Of a world that contained love that might last.
To maintain life in balance, redressing the wrongs
While bequeathing creation with beauty and song.

So part of Himself He thought to extract
And give it to men to see what would be.
He pondered the act which He knew would be Right
And quickly decided that, “There would be Light.”

- Finding the Light of G‑d, page 53