When Friday arrived the creation went on
With parades of new animals in packs, and in herds
That established their species to define what they were
And how they’d fit in to the world that emerged.

One task more He saved to the end:
To allow the small creature to act in his stead
When it saw an imbalance in need of redress,
And, by using its will, could restore happiness.

But what type of creature would attempt such a task?
Only a rebel who then didn’t exist
So G‑d imbued it with a Will like His Own
To correct the few defects that might come along.
It could not be perfect and sometimes must fail
For if it were perfect there’d be no will at all.

Boundaries were crucial if this world would succeed
In piecing together its new pulsing scene;
But if each of His creatures would do what they should,
And all worked together then all would be good.

- Finding the Light of G‑d, page 60