(This is meant to be read as a continuation of  the previous poem, "In the Garden")

In return for this loss of a permanent life,
G‑d granted to them a much greater gift
Than the one that had vanished through mortality,
By seeing the world as it truly could be.
Living forever was again offered them
Through the children they’d raise
In their own family with the love and the joy
That G‑d provided to men.

With them as G‑d’s partners
In a world they could make;
It would be their choice, for better or worse,
To create a new future of blessing or curse.

And when it is time for each soul to depart,
To return to its Maker from where it began,
It’d find itself welcomed at rest with its G‑d,
At peace and at home in accord with His plan.

- Finding the Light of G‑d, page 66