As the virus was identified
Friends I knew were terrified
That if we all pursued our lives
That most of us would die.

So we locked ourselves away from life
To keep us safe from harm.
But in the end by staying safe
We lost what gave life charm.

I am old and learning now,
That I have had my day.
But to live in fear all tucked away
Is not the way for me.
Though I love life as any man
I’d rather cease to be,
Than hide in fear within my house
Instead of being free. 

For now I keep myself away
From most of what I need
To prevent myself from harming those
Who still depend on me.

But no longer I’m afraid of Death
Nor is Death afraid of me
And soon I’m sure that we will talk
Of the future that must be.

He surely knows what to expect
After life is gone.
For after all, he is the one
Who shows the path we’re on.

Is our life significant?
Is it what we expect?
Or is it just futility,
That all will soon forget?

Where Death might go I do not know,
But I’m ready to proceed
Upon this journey to its end
To reach my destiny.

My soul is but a part of G‑d
To Whom it shall return
So others can take up my tasks
To continue when I’m gone.

- Finding the Light of G‑d, pages 69-70