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Welcome to Lubavitch Chabad of Skokie! The High Holiday season presents many opportunities for meaningful Jewish connection. We are happy to offer you a variety of options to find personal inspiration during this season. 

Please feel free contact us.

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Lulav, Etrog, and Schach
KNOW THAT IT IS NOT A LEMON! Be sure that you are getting a 100% Kosher Lulav and Etrog when you order from us. Choose your price range, select the style you want, and receive it all pre-assembled.  Kashrus and quality assured by Rabbi Yosef Posner, who checks each Lulav and Esrog before it is sold to make sure it is fit to be used for the Mitzvah.
Sukkah Mobile
We're making house calls!
Maot Chitim
The added expense of Yom Tov is too much for some in our community, right here in Skokie. In the weeks preceding Yom Tov, it's customary to assist needy families by providing them with funds for their various Holiday expenses and purchases. 
Kapparot with Money
It is customary to perform the  kaparot  (symbolic "atonement") rite in preparation for Yom Kippur. Some people use chickens, some use a kosher live fish; others perform the entire rite with money, and then giving the money – at least the value of a chicken – to charity. You can do that online here.