"See now, I am living in a house of cedar while the Ark of G‑d dwells within the curtain!"
Shmuel II, 7:2


 With Hashem's help, we have built a magnificent edifice, which has already hosted a large variety of wonderful activities since it was dedicated in 2005. The construction has doubled the original usable space, and made our shul into a structure which is both functional and beautiful. Extensive changes have created a visually stunning building, befitting for a House of G‑d, with design that flows seamlessly from room to room.
G‑d willing, we have more
spectacular events
lined up.
We began the building project with some of the funding in hand. To pay for it all and to furnish the building appropriately, we need your help.
Please consider one of the following dedication opportunities. It is a meaningful and significant way to memorialize a loved one by dedicating a part of this home for Torah-study, prayer and good deeds. May the merits of the many good things which happen daily at Lubavitch Chabad of Skokie accrue to the eternal benefit of the Neshama (soul) on high.


 Dedication Opportunities

Campus $3,000,000
Main Building $1,250,000
Youth Center $1,000,000
Office Building $750,000
Sanctuary $500,000
Multi-Purpose $360,000
Library $200,000
Kitchen $150,000
Rabbi's Study  $100,000
Children's Room Taken
Aron Kodesh Taken
Mechitzah Taken
Shulchan Kriah Taken
Chazan's Amud $40,000
Main Entrance Taken
Sanctuary Entrance Taken
Social Hall Entrance $24,000
Netilas Yadayim Taken
Mezuzah Main Entrance $5,400
Other Mezuzahs Each $ 3,600
Paroches (year round) Taken
Paroches (High Holiday) Taken
Doors Each $ 1,800
Windows Each $ 1,000
Bimah Cover (year round) Taken
Furnishings Wish List  
Office Furniture $7,000
Tables - Social Hall $2,000
Library shelving $25,000